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Oracle DMP (BlueKai) Integrates with Dynamic Yield

Dynamic Yield’s integration with Oracle DMP gives you the ability to deliver hyper-targeted personalized content to unknown, first-time site visitors. Oracle DMP gives marketers the ability to understand audiences across devices and environments. Onboarding your third-party, cookie-based audience segments from your Oracle DMP account with Dynamic Yield enables powerful segmentation capabilities and more precise targeting capabilities that create personalized experiences for first-time visitors.

Dynamic Yield and Oracle DMP (BlueKai) integration screenshot

Key Benefits

  1. Identify new and unknown site visitors by integrating thousand of segment buckets from Oracle DMP
  2. Enrich your existing datasets with Oracle DMP data profiles
  3. Run analytics on current site visitors to develop a deeper understanding of your audience profiles after integrating Oracle DMP segments

Use Cases

Personalize the experience for new, anonymous visitors from the very first pageview to amplify opportunities for conversion uplift and 1:1 engagement.

Serve returning customers with instant product recommendations of their favorite brand/products.

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