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Qualtrics Integrates with Dynamic Yield

Qualtrics Integration with Dynamic Yield

Trigger your Qualtrics forms and quizzes at the right moment, targeted for different audiences during unique moments in time. Customers using Qualtrics to engage customers and collect feedback can easily trigger their surveys at unique moments in the customer journey, based on real-time user behavior such as clicks on elements, exit-intent, page scroll events, and more.

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Key Benefits

  1. Leverage Dynamic Yield’s triggering capabilities to display Qualtrics surveys and polls. Trigger surveys based on any user behavior signal, customer data attributes, contextual data, unique user affinity profile, and even based on the local weather conditions.

Use Case Examples

Trigger a Qualtrics survey targeted at desktop visitors that have items in their checkout page, but are moving their mouse cursor towards the browser’s address bar – signaling they’re about to leave the site without completing the purchase.

Engage with customers who have just completed a purchase by triggering a purchase completion feedback survey from Qualtrics, inquiring about their experience with your brand.

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