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ResponseTap Integrates with Dynamic Yield

Personalize every touchpoint to improve every interaction with your customers using the ResponseTap integration. Leverage offline call data via ResponseTap to bolster your personalization efforts using offline data to improve the digital experience. Deploy personalized messaging based on call data to tailor emails and web experiences to your customers’ interests. Better understand your customers based on user behavior to track where they are in the funnel to distribute highly personalized digital experiences.

Dynamic Yield and ResponseTap integration screenshot

Key Benefits

  1. Target high-value customers with relevant offers based on their online and offline user behavior
  2. Automatically deliver personalized emails based on consumer interactions via phone
  3. Deliver personalized recommendations tailored to your customers’ purchases and behavior via phone

Use Case Examples

Target your site visitors with personalized product recommendations via email after they have inquired about a specific product over the phone.

Deploy personalized on-site promotions and messaging based on call center interactions.

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