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Shopify Plus Integrates with Dynamic Yield

Experience hassle-free deployment of Dynamic Yield’s Experience Optimization Solution on your eCommerce site with our Shopify Plus app. Customers with a Shopify Plus platform can implement the entire Dynamic Yield solution with this solution. Using the app, every action on your eCommerce site is instantly and automatically fed into Dynamic Yield’s platform, allowing you to achieve and execute your personalization goals.

Key Benefits

  1. Significantly cut down your integration efforts by using this app to implement Dynamic Yield on your site in just a few minutes.
  2. Track all visitor activity, page visits, and product integrations using Dynamic Yield, which can be leveraged to optimize and personalize experiences for your site visitors across any channel or touchpoint.
  3. Automatically enable Dynamic Yield’s advanced features and use cases on your eCommerce site.

Use Case Examples

With Dynamic Yield, you can track eCommerce events in real-time in order to be notified about important transactional activity, such as cart abandonment by loyal customers with large AOVs. You can deploy personalized product recommendations on your Shopify store, target specific customers with the most relevant content, reduce shopping cart abandonment with exit-intent popups and behavioral messages, trigger automated abandonment and price drop emails, run web personalization, A/B testing and conversion rate optimization campaigns, and more.

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