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Apps built natively work seamlessly with the handset, they’re quick, responsive and on the home screen. Users do not have to open a browser, type in the search bar, navigate through competing websites who have paid for prime search positions and eventually land on something that they have to log into.

App is the only channel that provides a constant brand presence in your customers hand. It can be used in store, provides direct communication via push notifications, and with engaging features utilising the phone tech, app has the power to develop deeper relationships, turning users into your most loyal customers.

With the economic headwinds we are approaching in 2023, we predict more retailers and brands will be launching native apps. It has never been more vital for retailers to prioritise retention and protect against churn. App empowers brands to build a walled garden around their customers and drive customer lifetime value, with an average poq app user generating 3x more revenue than a mobile web user.

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