DY Labs

At Dynamic Yield, we’re constantly creating and exploring new products, some of which are still in development but show a lot of promise. To give you a chance to try them out, we’re labeling these products “DY Labs.” Just keep in mind, they haven’t been subjected to the same level of reliability, scalability, and security measures as other Dynamic Yield products, and are not being officially supported.

Bayesian A/B Testing Calculator

Find out if your test results are statistically significant, using our bayesian powered statistics engine.

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Bayesian A/B Test Duration & Sample Size Calculator

Find out how long will you have to run your experiments for, to get statistically significant results.

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Personalization Prioritization Tool

Prioritize your use case strategy and personalization campaigns, so you can effectively manage your roadmap.

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Executive Spotlight

Executive Spotlight provides auto-generated, bite-sized insights about your personalization program across product usage, program health, and the business impact for your C-suite.

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Feed Enhancer as a Service

Optimize and enhance your product catalog with advanced NLP/NLU and product intelligence models.

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Email Campaign Previewer

Preview your Dynamic Yield email campaigns to see how different users from different locales see tailored content and recommendations.

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User Data Schema Creator

Easily define how your customer data will be converted in Audience Conditions within Experience OS, or edit an existing schema.

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Personalization Pulse

Employ a scientific framework for understanding the impact, reach, and contribution of your personalization program.

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Additional Resources

Discover your company’s
personalization maturity

Take our 16-question self-assessment to help you uncover your company’s personalization maturity level.

Explore eCommerce statistics and KPI benchmarks
to see how you stack up

Get helpful insights from data aggregated across 200M+ monthly unique users from 300+ brands, collected over 300M+ total sessions.

Simulate powerful personalization use cases on your site

Enter your website URL below and find out what
innovative digital experiences would look like live.
Render personalization use cases for:
Shopping Cart Abandonment
  • Shopping Cart Abandonment
  • Product Recommendation
  • Financial Services
  • Mobile Web Conversion Optimization