B2C Marketer Solutions

Deliver Personalized Experiences that Resonate and Convert

Improving customer experiences across all your channels just got way easier.
Dynamic Yield helps B2C marketers leverage customer data from any touchpoint to drive conversions, generate leads, and maximize revenue.
Advanced Customer Segmentation

Customer Segmentation

Engage High-Value Segments Using Advanced Targeting
Easily create and micro-target audience groups. Target based on past behavior, customer journey phase, real-time intent, geo-location, weather forecast, subscription status and more.

Real-Time Messaging

Trigger Personalized Messages that Resonate
Influence consumer decision making with highly-relevant and context-aware notifications delivered in real-time. Always send the right messages, even if user behavior changes over time.

Real-Time Messaging
Real-Time Messaging
Behavioral Exit-Intent Overlays
Contextual Notifications
Social Proof Messaging

Yield Optimization

Optimize Experiences for Individual Users
Easily run A/B and Multivariate tests and let Dynamic Yield allocate traffic to the highest performing variations. Free yourself from dev cycles and stay focused on delivering value to your customers.

Yield Optimization - Variation A

Best Variation for
Yield Optimization - Variation B

Best Variation for
Active Members
Yield Optimization - Variation C

Best Variation for
New Visitors
Smart Retargeting Ads

Smart Retargeting

Auto-Generate Personalized Ads
Create optimized and personalized display ads, served on any third-party site or ad network. Seamlessly integrate your data feeds and optimize your ads for your most valuable KPIs to dramatically decrease ad spend and increase campaign ROI.

Landing Page Automation

Create Dynamic Landing Pages
At Scale
Use a one-of-a-kind landing page builder with advanced capabilities already built in:
› Dynamic Variables
Automatically alter the text according to geo-location, URL parameters, cookie values and more.
› Automated Optimization Engine
Run A/B and Multivariate tests on any element, automatically optimize for your most valuable KPIs.
› Real-Time Messaging
Supercharge your pages with real-time social proof messages and personalized offers.
› Personalized Recommendations
Enhance the value of your landing pages by adding engaging and personalized recommendations.


Paris, Here I Come!

Recommendations real time messaging dianamic variables a_b testing



Speed up your work-flow and reduce IT dependency with
a built-in library of out-of-the-box personalization templates.
Learn more about Templates ››

  • Select Template

    Tens of templates are available for each of the Dynamic Yield modules, across all verticals.
  • Customize

    Each template consists of design variables, easily configurable through a WYSIWYG interface.
  • Optimize

    Create multiple variation without any IT assistance, and launch your campaign with a click.
    Select Template
  • Select Template
  • Customize Template
  • Optimize Template
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