Dynamic Yield for Media
Create Meaningful Interactions that Drive Reader Loyalty, Engagement and Revenue

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All Content is Not Created Equal.

With limited screen real estate, providing a relevant experience to every website visitor is a significant challenge facing all publishers. With Dynamic Yield, publishers and media companies can automatically deliver a customized experience to each visitor based on past behavior, demographics, psychographics, device used, referral site and more. One user experience will not work for everyone. Personalization technology is the driving factor for increased engagement.
Discover valuable segments based on user behavior
In Real time
Enhance the reading experience
of individual visitors
Reduce workload by automating
the entire optimization process


Dynamic Content Experiences

Restructure page elements and layout, and deliver dynamic content, personalized for individual readers, continuously optimized to display the most engaging content and structure, in the right context.

Unleash Your Native Ads Growth Potential

Amplify your native advertising efforts through data-driven content recommendations. Reach ideal audiences through personalized native content, resulting in deeper audience loyalty and growth in overall readership and revenue.

Enhance Video Watching Experiences

Dynamically serve videos to visitors based on personal interests, demographics and past viewing behavior. Apply predictive analytics to deliver better and more personalized viewing experiences and increase revenue from your video inventory.
Enhance Video Watching Experiences

Improve Click-through Rates with Real-time Headline and Image Optimization

Create alternate headlines and images on the fly, and let Dynamic Yield’s machine learning algorithms automatically target readers with the best performing variations in real-time.
FrontPage for Publishers

Discover Valuable Cohorts and Act On Them

Effectively segment your audience and see how different types of readers engage with your content and create personalized experiences for each group.

Deliver Seamless Experiences Across Devices

Dynamically extend personalized messages and content across any channel or device, and deliver highly engaging, powerful media experiences to your readers.

Gain Valuable Insights in Real Time

In addition to continuously showing you what’s working and what’s not in a practical and actionable manner, Dynamic Yield enables you to optimize the items that matter most, effectively and in real-time, by automating the entire optimization cycle.

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