Create Meaningful Interactions that Drive Engagement and Loyalty

Give your readers exactly what they came for.
The world’s leading publishers use Dynamic Yield to deliver the most relevant content, understand audience data and monetize media offerings.

Personalized Experiences

Create highly engaging user experiences across web and mobile apps. Influence high-value segments using advanced targeting capabilities and seamless third-party integrations.

Segmented Experiences

Layout Personalization

Restructure Page Elements and Layout
Dynamically reorder categories, rearrange elements, extend sections and personalize grids. Deliver personalized layouts for each visitor — without relying on IT development cycles.
Layout Personalization for PublishersLayout Personalization - Sports SectionLayout Personalization - Video SectionLayout Personalization - Travel SectionLayout Personalization - Extended Video Section
Replay Animation
Headline & Image Testing
Headline & Image Testing

Headline & Image Testing

Automatically Optimize Headlines and Images
Create alternate headlines and images on the fly. Dynamic Yield’s algorithms automatically activate the best performing variations.
Content Recommendations for Travelers
Content Recommendations for Sport Fans

Content Recommendations

Improve Readership through Recommendations
Deepen engagement with personalized content recommendations. Recommend based on viewing history, prior behavior, real-time intent and more.

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