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Tailor targeted overlays and notifications at any point in the customer lifecycle

Speak to each individual’s context and drive action across web and mobile
Behavioral Messaging header image
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Trigger behavioral overlays
Leverage real-time behavioral and contextual data to deliver targeted welcome messages, countdown timers, gamification popups, geo-based offers, and email capture overlays.
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Dynamically serve tailored notifications
Display custom promotions, floating bars, subscription notifications, website widgets, customer feedback surveys, or incentivized coupons – tailored to different user segments.
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Employ exit-intent detection

Reduce cart abandonments, recapture sales, increase conversions, and generate more leads with the best in exit-intent technology.

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Target experiences with an advanced rule builder
Target based on everything from custom events to geo location, local weather forecast, device, business rules, and the context, characteristics, behavior, and interactions of customers.
Messaging recs
Supercharge messaging with recommendations
Embed product or content recommendations within overlays and notifications to improve readership, recover sales from abandoned shopping carts, or bring returning users back to context.
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Create urgency with social proof messaging

Surface real-time notifications based on user activity – including low-in-stock messages, location-based view counters, or trend alerts – to create urgency and influence decision making.

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Additional capabilities baked into our platform

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Cross-touchpoint messaging campaigns
Build messaging campaigns that include multiple experiences and span across different pages and touch-points in the customer journey.
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Faster go-to-market with messaging templates
Accelerate your workflow and gain inspiration by using a library of pre-built messaging templates from email capture notifications to “wheel of fortune” overlays, customer survey tools, and more.
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Continuous testing at scale
Test every single messaging campaign to achieve maximum performance and results. Optimize for the KPIs and metrics that matter most to your business.
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Personalized & timely push notifications

Re-engage users and drive them back to your app with triggered push notifications delivered at exactly the right time with the most relevant content.

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Targeted in-app messages
Engage your mobile app users with personalized and timely notifications inside your app to improve engagement and increase conversions.

“The platform has allowed us to easily test new strategies and optimize on the fly for quick, meaningful results.”

Shana Rungsarangnont, Digital Products Manager, e.l.f. Cosmetics
Predictive targeting green icon
Opportunity identification with ai-powered optimization
Use Predictive Targeting to automatically identify and match between the right overlay or notification variation to the right visitor for each audience segment.
easy to use
Easy to use for all
Build, deploy, and optimize personalization campaigns with ease – regardless of your technical skills – using the platform’s consistent UI and streamlined workflow.
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Set priorities for targeted experiences

Orchestrate between the different notifications and overlays by controlling the priority hierarchy of your active messaging campaigns.