Deliver Personalized Messages Throughout the Customer Lifecycle

Create hyper-relevant communications that encourage customers to take action

Overlay Messaging

Serve Personalized Messages, Driven by Real-Time Data
Leverage behavioral data to design and trigger highly targeted and engaging messages with personalized precision.
Overlay Messaging

Engagement Notifications

Boost Conversions with Personalized Notifications
Create advanced audience targeting rules and dynamically display custom promotions, marketing offers or incentivized coupons in real-time.

Behavioral Exit Intent Messages

Identify & Influence Abandoning Visitors
Trigger exit intent popups according to visitor context. Persuade abandoning visitors with personalized overlays, powered by automated yield optimization and 1:1 personalization.
Behavioral Exit Intent Messages

Demand Messaging

Create Urgency
with Real-Time Messaging
Drive revenue by building trust and leveraging social proof. Surface real-time notifications based on users’ activity, including low-on-stock messages, location-based view counters, or trend alerts.
Omni-Channel Demand MessagingSocial Proof Messaging on DesktopOmni-Channel Demand MessagingSocial Proof Messaging on Desktop

Mobile App Messaging

Deliver Personalized Push and In-App Messages
Engage your mobile users with 1:1 notifications while in your app. Drive latent users back into your app with perfectly timed and personalized push notifications.

Mobile App Messaging


Speed up your work-flow and reduce IT dependency with
a built-in library of out-of-the-box personalization templates.
Learn more about Templates ››

  • Select Template

    Tens of templates are available for each of the Dynamic Yield modules, across all verticals.
  • Customize

    Each template consists of design variables, easily configurable through a WYSIWYG interface.
  • Optimize

    Create multiple variation without any IT assistance, and launch your campaign with a click.
    Select Template
  • Select Template
  • Customize Template
  • Optimize Template
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