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Deliver Personalized Experiences tailor made for Mobile Phones & Tablets

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Customer Segmentation

Use Advanced Segmentation and User Analytics
Use insights gleaned from cross-device behaviors to target valuable customer segments. Segment by user behavior, device type, element clicks, geo-location, local weather forecast, past purchases and more.
Use Advanced Segmentation to Grow Your Mobile Web Conversions

Mobile Personalization

Deploy True Cross-Device Personalization
Deploy omni-channel consistency by constructing a single, unified view of each customer across the web, mobile web, mobile apps and email. Push behavioral data from one channel to the next for consistent and personalized customer experiences.
Mobile Web Personalization
Personalized for Men
Personalized for Women
Mobile Recommendations
Pinterest-Like Recommendations
Tinder-Like Discoverability Widget

Product and Content Recommendations

Integrate Powerful and Robust Recommendations
Tailor recommendations based on cross-device data, create mobile-friendly layouts, easily insert recommendations anywhere on your site, fuse multiple recommendation strategies into the same recommendation unit, and more.

Automated Optimization

Drive Revenue with Automated Mobile A/B Testing
Maximize screen space and guide visitors throughout the purchase funnel by leveraging machine-learning optimization across the web and mobile channels. Improve discoverability with scrollable category carousels, present content discovery questionnaires, and more.
Mobile A/B Testing and Optimization
Variation A (Control)
Variation B

Personalized 1:1 Messages

Engage Mobile Visitors with 1:1 Messages
Adjust to short mobile sessions by presenting recently-viewed items upon site return, or by opening the cart with recently left items. Display highly engaging notifications based on consumer activity, product availability, cross-device behavior and more.
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