Close the Mobile Conversion Gap

Deliver Personalized Experiences tailor made for Mobile Phones & Tablets

Customer Segmentation

Use Advanced Segmentation and User Analytics
Use cross-device behavioral insights to target valuable customer segments and tailor highly-relevant experiences across web, mobile web, mobile apps and email.
Use Advanced Segmentation to Grow Your Mobile Web Conversions

Mobile Personalization

Tailor Personalized Mobile Experiences
Personalize content, promotions, calls-to-action and more. Serve customized layouts according to each visitor’s preferences, cross-device user profiles, affinity, and real-time behavior.
Mobile Web Personalization
Personalized for Men
Personalized for Women
Mobile Recommendations
Pinterest-Like Recommendations
Tinder-Like Discoverability Widget

Product and Content Recommendations

Deploy Context-Aware Recommendations Throughout the Journey
Make trustworthy recommendations backed by data and realize your highest ROIs. Set your own rules and let Dynamic Yield’s machine-learning engine automatically select the most effective strategy for each user, context, or KPI.

Automated Optimization

Drive Revenue with Automated Mobile A/B Testing
Increase revenue and conversions by leveraging machine learning optimization across web and mobile. Iterate, analyze and optimize continuously to understand your users and confidently deliver on their needs.
Mobile A/B Testing and Optimization
Variation A (Control)
Variation B

Personalized 1:1 Messages

Deepen engagement with personalized messages
Create advanced audience targeting rules and dynamically display custom promotions, marketing offers or incentivized coupons in real-time. Surface notifications based on users’ activity, product availability, cross-device behavior and more.
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