Serve personalized experiences designed for a mobile-first world

Make every pixel count with machine-learning optimization and convert mobile visitors into paying customers.
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Transform static mobile sites into adaptive native experiences

Move beyond just changing banners and buttons to personalizing all aspects of your mobile site. With Dynamic Yield, serve customized notifications, recommendations, layouts and more according to each mobile visitor’s preferences.
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Connect cross-device data
for a unified customer profile
Construct a 360-degree view across devices to target valuable customer groups. Segment and target by real-time user behavior, device type, click behavior, geo, weather, past purchases and more.
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Guide the discovery process
with robust recommendations
Serve product and content recommendations based on cross-device data and easily insert recommendations anywhere on your site, tailored based on each customer’s journey.
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Personalize your mobile layouts
for maximum engagement
Adjust the mobile experience to short and fragmented mobile sessions by dynamically rearranging elements, customizing menu items or entire layouts according to each visitor’s preferences.
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Orchestrate experiences
throughout the customer journey
Always ensure consistent experiences for mobile visitors by deploying multi-touch campaigns and pushing behavioral data from one channel to the next.
Personalize Messages
Serve personalized messages
based on key moments
Easily trigger behavioral and contextual notifications and site widgets on mobile based on consumer activity, product availability, cross-device behavior, and more.
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Experiment with
your entire mobile site
Optimize every aspect of the mobile experience by leveraging machine-learning algorithms to dynamically select the most relevant content for each user.
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Get started quickly with
ready-to-use mobile templates
Reduce IT dependency by leveraging dozens of prebuilt experience templates for mobile web notifications, recommendation widgets, dynamic content elements, and more.
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