Unify Mobile App Personalization, Recommendations, A/B Testing & Personalized Messaging

Tailor Real-Time Relevance Across iOS and Android Apps With One Powerful Platform

Use Advanced Segmentation to Grow Your App
Use Advanced Segmentation to Grow Your App

Customer Segmentation

Use Advanced Segmentation to Grow Your App
Use cross-channel behavioral insights to target valuable mobile app segments. Segment by usage behavior, device type, element clicks, battery percentage, GPS-location, weather forecast and more.

Mobile App Personalization

Smaller Screen, Same 1:1 Attention
Iterate faster and break free of app store approvals with powerful mobile personalization. Personalize any in-app content based on cross-device user profiles, affinity, real-time behavior, past purchases, content consumption, and more.

Mobile App Personalization
Mobile App Recommendations

Mobile App Recommendations

Shape Mobile Journeys with In-App Product and Content Recommendations
Increase user retention, engagement, and session length by adding data-infused recommendations at critical touchpoints and drop-off screens.

Mobile App Optimization

Drive Revenue with Automated Mobile App A/B Testing
A/B testing for mobile apps allows you optimize performance of any app element or offering. Dynamic Yield automatically optimizes top variations based on the KPIs you set.

Mobile App A/B Testing and Optimization

Personalized In-App Messages

Deepen engagement with personalized messages
Anticipate needs and create urgency with perfectly-timed personalized messages.

Automated Push Notifications

Boost Usage with Personalized Push Notifications
Push notifications to specific audiences to encourage in-app interaction. Target engaged users with contextualized notifications and drive latent users back into your app.
Automated Push Notifications
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