Create Cross-Touchpoint Personalization Campaigns and Experiments at Scale

Easily coordinate independent personalization experiences to deliver a cohesive, consistent customer experience from start-to-finish

One experiment, guaranteed consistency
throughout the entire customer journey

Build cohesive campaigns that include multiple experiences of different types and span across different pages and touchpoints in the customer journey.

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Deploy seamless personalization across
any touchpoint

Build and optimize campaigns with multiple experiences over different touchpoints and modules, including Dynamic Content, Notifications, Overlays, and even custom JavaScript codes.

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Test entire sets of experiences
against one another

Instead of optimizing individual touchpoints and interactions, test the entire user journey to identify and deliver the optimal experiences to your visitors.

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Measure the impact of
every interaction

Measure the overall performance of campaigns with multiple experiences to understand the impact of multiple recommendation widgets across the entire user funnel.

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Take full control with
flexible attribution

Understand the influence of personalization and optimization campaigns with both session and user-level attribution scoping.

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Visually design experiments

Design experiences with a powerful WYSIWYG editor that lets you preview changes as you make them without touching the code.

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Accelerate your workflow
with pre-built templates

Build custom templates in Dynamic Yield so that your team can easily build new experiences at scale.

Driving Big Results with Personalization
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