Enterprise-grade optimization and A/B testing software

Experiment anywhere on your digital properties with great agility, more confidence and less risk
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A/B test any experience on any channel

Create, measure, and manage A/B/n tests at scale. Optimize content, recommendations, notifications, overlays, and more – across web, apps, and any connected device.

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Optimize journeys, not just single pages
Build, deploy, and test personalized campaigns with multiple experiences to ensure they’re providing a consistent user experience.
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Unlock revenue optimization opportunities with AI
Use Predictive Targeting to automatically identify and match the right experience to the right visitor by scanning every variation’s performance across all audience segments.
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Move beyond A/B testing with sophisticated targeting

Serve tailored and optimized experiences to digital visitors based on custom events, cookie values, business rules, and the context, characteristics, affinity, and interactions of customers.

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Improve performance with an agile statistical engine
Leverage a combination of statistical engines, such as Bayesian and multi-armed bandit algorithms to drive maximum results based on your business needs.
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Client- and server-side A/B testing together in one system
Dynamic Yield puts client-side and server-side together, giving you all the capabilities, control, and flexibility you need to optimize every part of your site.
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Additional Capabilities baked into ExperienceOS

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Flexible attribution
Understand the influence of personalization and optimization campaigns with both session- and user-level attribution scoping.
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Automatic traffic allocation
Use Dynamic Yield’s multi-armed bandit algorithms to automatically allocate more traffic to the best performing variation at a given point in time.
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Point-and-click editor
Build experiments and optimize experiences for any audience group with a “What You See Is What You Get” Editor without the help of a designer or a coder.
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Flexible KPI selection

Select the right KPI for each personalization and experimentation campaign to ensure you’re optimizing towards the right objectives.

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Robust analytics & reporting
Get important audience insights and testing performance, allowing you to measure the true impact of experiments on any digital interaction across any channel.
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“With Dynamic Yield, we can just keep testing and testing to craft experiences that delight our customers and significantly increase revenue.“
Nicola Antonelli, Web Project Manager at LuisaViaRoma
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Server & client-side testing
Go beyond client-side testing and deploy experiments on the server-side. Test and optimize algorithms, architectures, and even complete re-brands.
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Full-breadth of integrations
Dynamic Yield’s open and flexible operating system for testing integrates with the marketing platforms you already use, from heatmap tools to DMPs, web analytics, tag managers, and more.
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Single-page applications support
Create, manage, and measure A/B tests on your single-page application without having to heavily modify your application’s code.
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Landing page optimization
Build and optimize landing pages using a one-of-a-kind landing page builder with advanced testing and targeting capabilities already built in.
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Minimum latency, maximum performance
Leverage Dynamic Yield’s one-of-a-kind advanced implementation techniques to minimize flickering and maximize the customer experience.
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Full testing power for content & product recommendations
Test and optimize any recommendation element – including the layout, design, recommendation strategy, location, widgets header, and more.
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Behavioral overlay & notification optimizations
Testing is baked into every action you take with Dynamic Yield, including when serving overlays, notifications, surveys and site widgets.