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Paris-based Contentsquare is a leading digital experience insights platform. Founded in 2012, Contentsquare helps businesses understand how and why users are interacting with their app, mobile and web sites. The company computes billions of touch and mouse movements, and transforms this knowledge into profitable actions that increase engagement, reduce operational costs and maximize conversion rates.

Leverage Contentsquare’s visual insights to uncover the meaningful actions your customers take as they interact with each experience personalized by Dynamic Yield.

Key benefits of our integration:

  • Deeper Analysis by linking personalization campaigns to visual insights.
  • Experiment & Iterate with direction and confidence using Contentsquare’s data to provide more insight on campaign results.
  • Uncover Quick Wins for personalization with zone-based heatmaps, journey analytics, and conversion funnels.
  • One Click Implementation to realize immediate time to value.
  • Expanded Reporting to communicate the business impact of your personalization program.

Use-case inspiration:

  • Financial Services: A bank A/B tests a new credit card overlay campaign and uses Contentsquare’s heatmaps to gain further insight into each variation’s performance.
  • Beauty & Personal Care: A multinational makeup company uses Contentsquare’s customer journey analysis to determine where on the site a personalized makeup promotion should be displayed to returning cart abandoners.
  • Jewelry & Luxury Retail: A large high-end jewelry store uses Contentsquare’s data visualization to understand the impact of complementary jewelry recommendations at checkout.


Personalize using an open ecosystem model

With Dynamic Yield's Experience OS, you can build irresistibly personalized, optimized, and synchronized digital customer experiences faster and easier than ever before.

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