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Emarsys empowers digital marketing leaders and business owners with the only omnichannel customer engagement platform built to accelerate business outcomes. Join more than 2,500 companies who trust Emarsys to deliver the predictable, profitable outcomes that their businesses demand and the highly personalized omnichannel experiences that their customers deserve.

Incorporate product recommendations and Dynamic Content into your emails using Dynamic Yield’s integration with Emarsys. For customers utilizing Emarsys for their email campaigns, tacking on personalization is easy. The personalized email content renders at email open-time, giving you the assurance that you are delivering the best possible experience and most relevant content to your high-value audiences.

Key benefits of our integration:

  • Stay top-of-mind with customers using cross-channel personalization.
  • Leverage enhanced segmentations designed for precise targeting and reporting.
  • Lead with Relevancy by sending hyper-relevant emails with personalized recommendations rendering at open-time.
  • Elevate Email Sends more easily using sophisticated email templates to create lasting impressions.
  • Expedite Experience Testing using Dynamic Yield’s pre-built template library.

Use-case inspiration:

  • Fashion & Apparel: A global retailer incorporates Dynamic Yield’s viewed together clothing recommendation email widget to Emarsys’s emails, improving omnichannel product discovery.
  • Travel & Hospitality: A hotel chain sends emails in Emarsys to browsers who have recently viewed their site and adds in a personalized list of hotel destinations from Dynamic Yield to increase bookings.
  • Beauty & Personal Care: A popular makeup company adds personalized member promotions from Dynamic Yield to emails sent to loyalty members through Emarsys.


Personalize using an open ecosystem model

With Dynamic Yield's Experience OS, you can build irresistibly personalized, optimized, and synchronized digital customer experiences faster and easier than ever before.

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