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Uncover actionable digital insights to create the best possible customer experience. Over 10,000 businesses trust Heap to increase revenue, improve conversion, accelerate decision-making, and drive business impact at scale.

Get a holistic view of your audience and the impact of Dynamic Yield’s campaigns on engagement and conversions with the pre-built Heap connector. Deliver meaningful and actionable insights In a single click to drive your personalization strategy and achieve results.

Key benefits of our integration:

  • Uncover Campaign Opportunities by measuring visitor events and behavior in Heap.
  • Mitigate Friction Points by identifying and creating hyper-personalized experiences that delight customers.
  • Uncover Quick Wins for personalization with zone-based heatmaps, journey analytics, and conversion funnels.
  • Segment Playback Sessions based on each active Dynamic Yield experience.
  • Enhanced Reporting to quantify the business impact of implementing personalization tactics.

Use-case inspiration:

  • Financial Services: A bank tests different online application form layouts in Dyamic Yield and uses Heap to dive deeper into the data behind the different variation engagement.
  • Beauty & Personal Care: A multinational makeup company uses Heap’s session replays to determine how loyalty rewards members are engaging with Dynamic Yield’s targeted makeup promotions.
  • Fashion & Apparel: A large retailer uses Heap’s heatmaps to showcase how targeted clothing recommendations improve the customer experience.

Personalize using an open ecosystem model

With Dynamic Yield's Experience OS, you can build irresistibly personalized, optimized, and synchronized digital customer experiences faster and easier than ever before.

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