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2021 Partner Excellence Award Winner

This award recognizes digital agency Blue Acorn iCi for its ability to bring personalization to life, the support its team provides to clients, and the strategy it develops and tailors to ensure businesses generate real value.
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Awarded to the Dynamic Yield partners who exemplify true leadership and collaboration, are experts in the platform, and offer strategic guidance and support to mutual customers.
Since 2008, U.S.-based Blue Acorn iCi has set out to help eCommerce brands overcome digital pain points with innovative solutions. As pioneers in customer experience design, its team of passionate doers and thinkers collaborate across teams, armed with both creative, strategic, and technical talent ready to roll up their sleeves and tackle any challenge. As Dynamic Yield partners, the team works alongside our own to build better digital experiences for our mutual clients, digital transforming and scaling leading global brands, as well as setting the standard for successful collaboration.

How Blue Acorn iCi supports businesses

Has developed a strategic vision for personalization success

The team at Blue Acorn iCi fully believes in the value of personalization, and this organizational alignment allows them to think big, often identifying new and improved ways to help businesses bring their CX visions to life. In order to consistently tap into the true potential of personalization, it adopts new frameworks, stays up-to-speed on product updates and new features, and prioritizes maturity as one of its own benchmarks for success in order to better support customers.

Home to a collaborative, robust, and diverse team

The smart and creative team at Blue Acorn iCi is made up of a healthy mix of technical talent and strategists, all of whom work and support each other to achieve customers’ business goals. As avid collaborators, the team’s wealth of experience empowers them to play a large role in new customer onboarding and personalization roadmap development, always ensuring there is executional alignment with our own team.

Develops solution-based programs for both short- and long-term success

Blue Acorn iCi readily conducts on-site analyses, providing recommendations to customers that help them fill gaps in their personalization programs. Touting an ability to create long-term retention and value, the team actively works alongside our own to identify new strategies and solutions – whether it’s building new custom templates or identifying product feed enhancements – to help customers meet and exceed their business goals.

The team behind the experiences

jordan donahue blue acorn

Jordan Donahue Strategic Alliances Manager

Jordan is the Strategic Alliance Manager at Blue Acorn iCi. She has over 5 years of experience at the company, managing enterprise partnerships across the ecosystem. Jordan works closely with the Dynamic Yield team to support ongoing net new co-selling, existing client relationships, and co-marketing efforts. In her free time, she enjoys spending time at the beach and trying out new restaurants that open in the Charleston area.

chase bruch blue acorn ici

Chase Bruch Director of Optimization

Chase is the Director of Optimization at Blue Acorn iCi. He comes with an extensive background of analytics experience across financial, marketing, and eCommerce sectors. He leads a team focused on performance measurement, actionable insights, and conversion rate optimization, running optimization programs for the likes of Casper Mattresses, PayChex, and Weber Grills.

conor fry blue acorn ici

Conor Fry Optimization Analyst

Conor is an Optimization Analyst at Blue Acorn iCi. He comes with a background in site analytics, optimization, and paid media across multiple business verticals. Conor has been working with Blue Acorn iCi since October 2020 and helps clients formulate and execute testing strategies to uncover new insights.

justin Barnett blue acorn ici

Justin Barnett Optimization Analyst

Justin is an Optimization Analyst at Blue Acorn iCi. He has four years of experience working across multiple sectors in both eCommerce and lead generation. His focus centers around web analytics, A/B testing, and personalization. He has worked with Pelican Products since the launch of their Optimization program using Dynamic Yield, from implementation to robust personalization campaign strategy development.

Jeremy McClelland blue acorn ici

Jeremy McClelland Senior Frontend Engineer

Jeremy is the Senior Frontend Engineer for the Optimization team at Blue Acorn iCi. He works closely with the analysts and optimization clients to build A/B tests, as well as advanced personalization campaigns. As an optimization developer, he works with many different eCommerce and A/B testing platforms to develop custom code to enhance the user experience.

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