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2021 Personalization Innovator Award Winner

This award recognizes luxury fashion retailer LUISAVIAROMA for its ability to tailor its digital experiences for users referred to its site via social media influencers, personalizing rewards, offers, recommendations, and more according to the site visitor’s taste, style, and preferences.
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Awarded to the savviest Dynamic Yield customers who understand the true value of customer experiences and find new and exciting ways to tap into our platform.
For almost a century, luxury fashion retailer LUISAVIAROMA has been curating high-end apparel for fashion enthusiasts. One of the first Italian companies to embrace online retail, today, the organization is all-in on eCommerce and continues to push the boundaries of what it means to digitally connect with and cater to shoppers. The team is always building unique experiences with Dynamic Yield, most notably its recent campaign linking its influencer marketing and social media efforts to personalized site experiences.


Luisaviaroma influencer landing page
Tracks influencer referral traffic to customize the site experience for each visitor, displaying personalized banners, notifications, and recommendations directly on the influencer’s landing page.

Has an established social media influencer network that promotes the brand and curates a specific product catalog of their favorite merchandise on a custom influencer landing page.

Uses Dynamic Yield to ensure all on-site content is tailored to suit the user’s taste and preferences based on social media campaigns they’ve engaged with, as well as reflect the style of the influencer that referred them.

The team behind the experiences

Nicola Antonelli Luisaviaroma

Nicola Antonelli Chief Marketing Officer

Nicola has significant experience gained by developing eCommerce projects in the luxury market, with a particular skill in the development and implementation of web marketing strategies. Today, he coordinates a team of over 30 people for the development of the main marketing channels and the primary international markets for LUISAVIAROMA.

Agustin Fabricio Gomez Luisaviaroma

Agustin Fabricio Gomez UX Specialist

Currently a UX Specialist at LUISAVIAROMA, Agustin has been working on the research and development of personalized experiences for the last year. Passionate about working as a team to create solutions based on insights and analytics, he is driven by a desire to produce a positive impact on the business by providing the end-user with exceptional experiences.

Leonardo Lenzi Luisaviaroma

Leonardo Lenzi Frontend Developer

Leonardo is a frontend developer who has been working for years on the optimization of the LUISAVIAROMA code to provide users with increasingly innovative and fluid experiences. He takes care of the integration of Dynamic Yield with the Luisaviaroma website to make users' visits as personalized as possible.

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