Innovator Award

Making it a three-time Personalization Award winner, the luxury fashion retailer has demonstrated continued leadership in product recommendations and early adoption of Dynamic Yield’s Affinity Allocation capability, which has allowed the team to automatically showcase the most relevant content to an individual based on their real-time preferences.
Awarded to organizations who have a complete grasp of experience optimization and push the limits of personalization to create real value for their customers and their businesses.

In 2021, luxury fashion retailer LUISAVIAROMA was awarded for creating a customized social media influencer landing page and personalizing the content per individual. In 2022, the team was recognized for fully integrating personalization within its mobile app, using dynamic content to highlight its sustainable products, and honing in on its VIP customers for specialized experiences. Continuing its now three-year streak of innovation, in 2023, LVR has taken advantage of Dynamic Yield’s new Affinity Allocation capability within the app to automatically pair visitors with the most relevant brand content in accordance with their real-time preferences, which has seen 4x the average CTR of its generic banner campaigns. The team also explored product recommendations in an unlikely but innovative place – the thank you page – launching a specific experience for VIP customers which has positively influenced same-session purchases.


Focuses on continuously optimizing all of its 40+ personalization campaigns on the website and mobile, heavily A/B testing different strategies, placements, and layouts to create a tailored experience for each user from a product catalog that encompasses many different genders, brands, locations, and price points.

Launches personalization campaigns on the web in a hybrid fashion, both via Dynamic Yield’s traditional script as well as its APIs, prioritizing site speed, data protection, and developer control following LUISAVIAROMA’s successful implementation of server-side personalization within the mobile app earlier this year.

Experiments with the latest personalization technology, going beyond the classic multi-armed bandit approach of delivering the best performing variation at that particular moment in time and leveraging an advanced affinity allocation method to automatically route traffic to the most relevant variation based on a user’s real-time affinity profile.

What it looks like

Affinity allocation
VIP campaign

Affinity allocation

A banner campaign leveraging affinity allocation to serve the most relevant variation (from top 10 mens and top 10 womens brands) based on real-time user preferences.

VIP campaign

A product recommendations campaign launched on the “Thank You” page, optimized for VIP customers to encourage same-session purchases.

What’s next?

In the past half-decade, LUISAVIAROMA’s personalization program has grown to involve 7-8 members from different departments throughout the business, with each dedicated to tailoring the products and contents of its website and mobile app. Over the next year, the team plans to continue improving its 40+ campaigns as well as layering new ones into its roster, which will also come to include those delivered within email, as a new integration between Dynamic Yield and LUISAVIAROMA’s email marketing platform is being explored to create a more seamless customer experience across its selling channels. As a three-year Personalization Award winner, those reading this may want to consider the same.

The team behind the experiences

Luca MassimettiCRO & Experimentation Lead

Luca has been working at LUISAVIAROMA as CRO & Experimentation Lead since February 2022. He worked in the Product Team on the research & customer behaviour analysis to optimize shopping experience. He has been responsible for creating a strategic plan for experimentation, having a personalized shopping experience as a strategic key pillar. He has been recently awarded as Trendsetter at London Personalization Pioneers 2023 for the fast adoption of a new personalisation feature and for always trying to find innovative ways to use Dynamic Yield.

Laila HassanSenior App Marketing Specialist

Laila joined LVR in 2021 as Senior App Marketing Specialist. She looks after the strategy, planning and creation of all the acquisition and retention app marketing campaigns leveraging Google, Apple Search Ads, Meta and ASO. She runs several A/B tests on DY to engage users and also helped with the creation and optimization of the awarded affinity campaign working closely with designers, editors and product team.

Leandro BallhysaContent Specialist

Leandro joined LUISAVIAROMA's Product Team in 2022. As a Content Specialist he works on most of the content campaigns both on the website and the app and collaborates with other teams as well.

Mirko PaciniSenior Data Analyst

Mirko is the Senior Digital Analyst in LVR Data Department since May 2022. As a Digital Analyst, he's involved in most of the digital projects supporting the marketing and merchandising teams, as well as the overall business, by providing the proper information through tracking, analysis and reports. He contributes in the CRO activities giving insights from data, in particular matching the information from Google Analytics, Dynamic Yield and a lot more.

Adriana SerpentinoCreative Direction Assistant

Adriana has been working at LUISAVIAROMA as a Creative Direction Assistant since December 2020. She is a part of the Creative Direction team comprising Giulia Donnini, the Creative Direction Supervisor, and Annagreta Panconesi, the Creative Director of LVR. Adriana supports her team by developing creative assets, evaluating and proposing creative graphic solutions, and interfacing with the graphics department and styling team to create the right approach and style in line with LVR's vision. Together with Giulia, they produce and oversee all the visual communication of LVR.

Allegra de Leon DelliContent Editor

Allegra has been Content Editor at LVR since May 2022. She is a part of the Editorial Content team, which produces all the creative written content for LVR, including the copy used for the personalization program. For this particular campaign, Allegra developed the English copy with the assistance of her team member Lauren Berardi, while the Content & Translations team, consisting of Giorgia Ibba, Cyrielle De Badereau, Gao Xiaojing, Hyang Kim, Iryna Papkovich, Mami Yamanokuchi, Sabine Kok, Valeria Farill, and Dilara Deniz Celebi, localized the copy.

Margherita InnocentiGraphic Designer

Margherita joined LUISAVIAROMA's graphic design team at the beginning of 2019. The team works on all the graphic material needed, such as banners, creation of images for app and website, newsletters, social media posts & animations, video content and much more.

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