Personalization Expert Award Winner

This award recognizes leading Israeli reseller of the fine alcoholic beverages, Paneco, for going beyond standard implementations, experimenting with new and innovative use cases as well as A/B testing like ninjas to reimagine top shelf wine & alcohol shopping online.
Awarded to organizations who have a complete grasp of experience optimization and push the limits of personalization to create real value for their customers and their businesses.
Paneco is a mid-size reseller of fine alcoholic beverages in Israel, with one offline store and most sales taking place online. The Paneco team has gone beyond standard implementations, developing custom recommendation and navigation experiences to surface the most relevant products for shoppers in real-time. Never shy about trying new things, Paneco has made it a point to experiment with different templates, use cases and recommendation strategies (including advanced deep learning models) to bring its customer experience to the next level. This open-mindedness paired with a hands-on approach to diving into the code and efficient orchestration across stakeholders has made an agile team, with 15% more purchases per user generated from the experiences they’ve run in 2022 alone.

How Paneco does it


Tinder-like product recommendations delivered by the Paneco team replicate the popular dating app UX

Uses Dynamic Yield to ensure all on-site content is tailored to suit the user’s taste and preferences, building a custom experience on top of its navigation, highlighting a “Recommended for you” page that is accessible from the website upon login.

Sets the bar for innovative experiments, launching mini-recommendations triggered by add-to-cart with an additional component of gamification to increase engagement through Dynamic Yield’s Tinder-like out-of-the-box template. Learn more about recommendations →

Trys out multiple strategies at a time,
including the use of Dynamic Yield’s advanced deep learning recommendation algorithm to predict the products shoppers are most likely to purchase, striving for the best possible results as real testing ninjas should.

The team behind the experiences


Shacham ZaguriCMO & E-commerce specialistHear from Shacham

Shacham Zaguri, Paneco’s CMO, 13 years in the Ecommerce business. In Shacham’s own words: “I started the cooperation with DY with a belief that personalization is critical and strategic to any Ecom business in general, and in the beverage industry in particular. We've put a great effort in the onboarding process, building the foundation for a very personalized user experience. Since then, with the great work of our team we have run dozens of campaigns and keep experimenting constantly.”


Alon HacohenConversion Rate Optimization Manager

Experienced in digital marketing in ad-tech and eCommerce, Alon currently manages hands-on strategy, set up, testing, and optimizing conversion with Dynamic Yield and email automation platforms at Paneco. He is happily married and into extreme off-road two-wheel motor sports.

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