Thought Leadership Award Winner

This São Paulo-based digital platform has used AI to scale omnichannel personalization and performed transformative work educating the larger organization on the importance of the practice and program as a strategic business strategy, enabling it to stay ahead of the competitive pet eCommerce industry.
We give the Thought Leadership Award to those who not only demonstrate exceptional overall expertise in the implementation of experimentation and personalization but also elevate others through sharing knowledge and insights that push the rest of the industry forward.

Petlove emerged in 1999 and a little over two decades later, its founder created the first version of what would become the largest digital ecosystem for pets in Brazil. Today, its 7-person product squad and 9-person CRM team are focused on tailoring the customer journey based on the unique profiles of both pet owners and their furry companions across multiple channels, including web, app, and email. Through machine learning algorithms, Petlove has been able to do just that, ensuring from countless possibilities and combinations of options that the right experience is shown. With a greater understanding of customer’s preferences, purchase history, and their pet’s specific needs, the team delivers highly relevant product recommendations, personalized content, and targeted promotions, increasing both customer satisfaction and loyalty.

How Petlove does it

Maintains an impressive average of tests deployed and optimized across the site almost daily, accelerating the learning process and fueling rapid program growth. This rapid testing approach also enabled Petlove to quickly and effectively identify the most impactful formats that cater to customers' needs.

Consistently increases revenue generated through the personalization program, aligning efforts with the company's evolving goals by adjusting the algorithmic success metrics. Whether focused on driving volume or maximizing profitability, Petlove can swiftly adapt recommendations to deliver the desired outcomes.

Fosters a deep understanding of personalization and clearly articulates its value and business impact among all employees, from top to bottom. Leadership also works to align everyone’s vision and drive forward necessary transformation, enabling Petlove to continue innovating.

What it looks like

Repeat buyers PDP
Homepage recommendations

Repeat buyers PDP

Product recommendations segmented for non-buyers (shown complementary items) and customers (shown previously purchased items) on the product detail page, resulting in an impressive 80% uplift in revenue per user.

Homepage recommendations

Homepage product recommendations delivered based on intent level, with low intent shown new, seasonal, or popular products and high intent users shown recently viewed products, which led to a 20% conversion increase.

What’s next?

Petlove is working to connect the inbound website experience and outbound email marketing initiatives to create a comprehensive, cohesive, personalized user journey. The team will explore new ways to engage and guide the customer’s decision-making process, introducing interactive widgets and badges to provide tailored recommendations and highlight relevant product information. Personalized product recommendations will also be expanded within the app to deepen customer loyalty and increase user satisfaction, with a focus on advancing content personalization capabilities more generally to optimize the product catalog experience on its mission of showcasing the most appealing options based on a customers preferences, browsing behavior, and pet needs.

The team behind the experiences

Stefano BalianCustomer Journey Manager

Stefano leads Petlove's personalization program and harnesses the power of Dynamic Yield to craft an enchanting and tailored buying experience for pet owners, with the mission to make their beloved companions happier and healthier.

Anuar DaherWeb Developer

Anuar is a web developer responsible for creating features to improve user experience. He helps teams to achieve their desired recommendations strategies, abstracting any tech challenges to achieve a high level of personalization. He also makes sure that all platforms are well integrated and working correctly together.

Aline NarimatsuProduct Designer

Aline is the product designer responsible for purchasing pages such as the homepage, PDPs, catalog, and so forth. Her work focuses on analyzing user behavior as well as conceptualizing, designing, and executing personalization features during the purchase journey, making users feel that Petlove knows them.