Pets Place

2021 Personalization Expert Award Winner

This award recognizes the Netherlands’ largest pet food retailer’s innovative personalization use cases across the entire site, its ability to tailor content and shopping experiences according to different types of pet owner, and the team’s ability to make data-driven decisions to deliver relevant product recommendations to every user.
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Awarded to organizations who have a complete grasp of experience optimization and push the limits of personalization to create real value for their customers and their businesses.
With over 50 years of business under its belt, Pets Place believes in the power of building deep, personal relationships with its customers. In its mission to provide positive and efficient shopping experiences and maintain long-term loyalty, the leading Netherlands-based pet food retailer invests heavily in its personalization program, helping pet owners sift through the 15,000+ products and 200+ brands in its product inventory to find the most suitable items for their pets.

How Pets Place does it

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Personalizes the entire homepage from top to bottom, specifically tailoring all experiences according to the type of pet a site visitor owns (dog, cat, etc.).

Deploys product recommendations across the entire site and developed an intent-based audience strategy in order to tailor experiences according to customer intent. Learn more about recommendations →

Uses customer profile data to hyper-personalize product recommendation widgets across a number of recommendation algorithms and leverages external data to build custom audiences and analyze the influence of external partner campaigns.

The team behind the experiences

Ivo Klink Pets Place

Ivo Klink Marketing Manager

Ivo is a Marketing Manager with a focus on omnichannel marketing, bringing 17 years of experience in e-tail and retail to Pets Place.

Arno van de Hee Pets Place

Arno van de Hee Online Marketer & CRO specialist

Arno is a CRO-focused online marketer with experience in creating personalized content to tailor products and campaigns to customers’ perferences and needs.

Mark Banis Pets Place

Mark Banis IT Service Delivery Manager

Mark drives and supports the retail teams to help them plan and execute the builds, releases, and test plans for features related to the eCommerce platform.

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How Pets Place grooms the shopping experience for animal lovers

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