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2021 Personalization Expert Award Winner

This award recognizes the boutique-style accessories company Stella & Dot for its ability to leverage personalization to establish sophisticated audience strategies that best serve its unique social selling business model, enabling the retailer to better connect with both its brand ambassadors and online shoppers.
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Awarded to organizations who have a complete grasp of experience optimization and push the limits of personalization to create real value for their customers and their businesses.
Established in 2003, Stella & Dot has evolved into a home for a number of eCommerce brands and over 30,000 women ambassadors. The company, which once focused on in-home events, underwent a massive pivot to digital over the past few years. What followed has been nothing short of impressive: a personalization program rooted in customer-centricity, as well as an ability to better connect with both ambassadors and online shoppers.

How Stella & Dot does it

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Tailors every single test to each core site visitor: ambassadors, shoppers browsing an ambassador’s micro-site, and shoppers browsing the main eCommerce site, personalizing every step of the customer journey to each user’s objectives, pricing, and more.

Personalizes messaging based on two core user types – average site visitors and shoppers visiting an ambassador’s micro-site – to educate users on the company’s ambassador program in ways that will best resonate with them to encourage sign ups.

Established an intent-based audience segmentation principle that best suits its unique business model, using it to identify users’ explicit on-site needs and deliver relevant, personalized experiences. Learn more about segmentation →

The team behind the experiences

Jordan Bell Stella & Dot

Jorden Bell Chief Brand Officer

Jorden is an omni-merchandising executive, leading strategy, people & digital innovation to develop & present compelling assortments. As a creative influencer and strategist, Jorden leads the development of categories, assortments, and disruptive marketing strategies to create and present assortments that inspire customers and increase new customer acquisition.

Stephanie Shin Stella & Dot

Stephanie Shin Director of Product Management

Stephanie leads the Product Management team at Stella & Dot Family of Brands, where she focuses on innovating and growing a best-in-class social selling technology platform for jewelry, accessories, and skincare. She is a nimble and creative product and cross-functional leader with expertise in consumer technology and SaaS products.

Sunita Dublish Stella & Dot

Sunita Dublish Manager, Web Content Development

Sunita is a web developer with extensive experience in creating beautiful and responsive websites. She has used multiple A/B testing platforms to test and deliver delightful customer experiences and increase revenue on eCommerce sites.

Theresa Fisher Stella & Dot

Theresa Fisher Art Director

Theresa is a skilled creative leader from San Francisco, California. She has worked in the fashion eCommerce world for almost a decade, focusing on creating beautiful, interactive, and meaningful experiences for customers through design. She has extensive experience in digital advertising/marketing, eCommerce, web design, social media, print, production, and events.

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