2021 Personalization Innovator Award Winner

This award recognizes the U.S.-based skin care brand, StriVectin, for its ability to uniquely cater to users’ specific needs using a custom quiz that recommends the necessary products to build the perfect routine tailored to each shopper’s skin type and goals.
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Awarded to the savviest Dynamic Yield customers who understand the true value of customer experiences and find new and exciting ways to tap into our platform.
Since 2002, the award-winning team at New York-based StriVectin has been using proprietary technology to develop smart skin care solutions for aging and changing skin. With products suitable for every skin type, the organization never settles for anything below exceptional, always ensuring its products are rigorously tested and that its eCommerce experiences cater to every user. The team uniquely leverages Dynamic Yield far beyond classic use cases, recently launching a dynamic quiz to better match shoppers to specific products designed for their unique skin type.

How StriVectin does it

Strivectin skincare quiz
Developed a dynamic skin quiz containing seven unique questions based on its decision-mapping tree, with questions ranging from location and skin type to what the user’s top skin concerns are.

Built a decision-mapping tree to better understand the correlations between specific StriVectin products and the user decision-making process.

Layered Dynamic Yield’s real-time recommendation API atop its skin quiz to generate the results for each individual user, with an output of a full list of products needed to build a custom skin care routine. Learn more about recommendations →

The team behind the experiences

Raymond Mendoza StriVectin

Raymond Mendoza Executive Director, Global eCommerce

Raymond’s core competency lies in merchandising and buying, and throughout his career, each position he’s held has been in the digital space. Merchandising and buying led him to where he is today as a business strategist, and he uses Dynamic Yield to build conversion and guided-selling strategies through site personalization.

Kimberly Dyce StriVectin

Kimberly Dyce Assistant eCommerce Manager

Kimberly has years of experience in eCommerce and now places her focus in DTC eCommerce at StriVectin. This position has given her the perfect opportunity to explore her love for skin care and cosmetics, while exposing her to fundamental skills needed to run a business, like supply chain management, customer service, customer acquisition, website maintenance, and promotion planning. She’s been able to perform regular website QAs, A/B tests, and utilize behavior analytics tools, like Dynamic Yield, to improve the customer’s experience on-site.

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