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The Warehouse Group

2021 Personalization Innovator Award Winner

This award recognizes leading New Zealand retail group, The Warehouse Group, for its unique approach to personalization and customer experience delivery, specifically its ability to reimagine the checkout experience and build custom recommendation widgets across its family of sub-brands.

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Awarded to the savviest Dynamic Yield customers who understand the true value of customer experiences and find new and exciting ways to tap into our platform.
Home to six sub-brands and over 250 brick-and-mortar shops, the New Zealand-based retail giant is home to household goods, tech essentials, clothing, and everything in between. Always forward-thinking, its team is extremely savvy, constantly workshopping strategies that will help the company evolve its customer-centric personalization program. The team has impressively used Dynamic Yield beyond standard implementations, using the platform to build a series of checkout optimization tests, as well as develop custom recommendation and navigation experiences to surface the most relevant products in real-time.

How The Warehouse Group does it

The Warehouse Group Noel Leeming checkout experience
Developed a comprehensive testing plan to optimize the checkout experience, focusing on UX improvements and experimenting with different variations of the checkout flow to keep users on-site and engaged, improving its YoY exit rate by 4%.

Uses a deep learning-based recommendations algorithm for tech retail sub-brand Noel Leeming, delivering the most relevant product recommendations to users based on items they have added to their carts in the same session. Learn more about AdaptML →

Incorporates external data, including Google Analytics keyword data, to build Custom Code experiences and improve the site navigation experience, dynamically displaying the most popular keywords in the homepage header to direct users to high-traffic product categories.

The team behind the experiences

Bonnie Bradley The Warehouse Group

Bonnie Bradley Chapter Area Lead – Marketing, Digital, and eCommerce

Bonnie commenced this newly created role in March 2021 as Marketing, Digital & eCommerce Chapter Area Lead and has contributed to making The Warehouse Group a great place to work, driving the highest eNPS scores of any Chapter Area. Prior to working with The Warehouse Group, Bonnie held a number of creative agency, publisher, and client service roles focused on delivering customer experiences across marketing, services, and retail in both B2B and B2C environments over the last 20 years.

Theo Archer The Warehouse Group

Theo Archer Digital Specialist Chapter Member

Theo has been working on the personalization team at The Warehouse Group for the past two years. Most recently, Theo has owned setting up Dynamic Yield on the new group eCommerce platform. Previously, Theo worked for search company SLI Systems as a developer, then implementation manager, helping clients implement personalized search and product recommendations.

Ella Mampusti The Warehouse Group

Ella Mampusti Digital Specialist Chapter Member

Ella has been a frontend developer at The Warehouse Group for almost two years and has been working on personalization projects across the group. Previously, she had worked as a software developer on various types of projects, including programmatic media, mobile applications, and embedded automotive.

Nathan Martin The Warehouse Group

Nathan Martin Digital Specialist Chapter Member

Nathan Martin is a marketer and developer who has been working on personalization for over 3 years at The Warehouse Group. Nathan has a wealth of experience with eCommerce, previously working with site search, how product hierarchies are maintained, and improving customer experiences & journeys.

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