Discover your organization’s digital maturity level with a comprehensive personalization assessment

A 16-question tool designed after years of experience working with leading global brands to help you uncover your company’s personalization maturity level.

This self-assessment is meant for brands both new and experienced in personalization who are looking to identify key program priorities, potential gaps in their digital strategies, and how they stack up against hundreds of global brands.

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Personalization in your company is

Here's a graph that ranks the state of personalization in your organization per each of the eight signals that were identified by us as important. The graph also includes a heat map that shows you exactly where you rank in each of the eight pillars of personalization which you can use to compare your state versus global benchmarks.

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  • Absent Definition: Personalization is not yet present across digital properties. This could be because the organization was not sure what was possible technologically or never made personalization a core priority.
  • Basic Definition: Organizations that deploy basic levels of personalization, usually channel-specific and with limited segmentation capabilities.
  • Advanced Definition: Organizations that have already established some processes and testing roadmaps to inform their personalization efforts.
  • Pioneer Definition: Organizations that have already overcome many challenges that come with adopting a customer-first approach through personalization.
Culture Definition: The organization sees the value in delivering superior, individualized customer experiences.
Leadership Definition: Personalization is prioritized as a company-wide strategic initiative.
Resources Definition: The organization invests in creating processes and designating owners to personalization.
Processes Definition: A centralized team drives personalization and translates strategies into impactful deployments.
Technology Definition: Personalization technology is deeply integrated within the tech stack, using all available consumer data.
Data Definition: Data-driven decision-making is effective and leveraged from data collected across all customer channels.
User-Centricity Definition: The organization is able to personalize customer experiences based on a single view of the customer.
Impact Definition: The organization can share personalization success stories and prove its potential impact on business growth.


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