Climb the Personalization Maturity Ladder

See how global businesses prioritize personalization as the key to delivering superior customer experiences.

Customer experience management is the new battleground – with industries of all shapes and sizes now attempting to meet the unique needs of the individuals they serve through a more personalized approach. Faced with scaling operations in order to achieve meaningful business results, organizations are reassessing the current order of things internally.

To better understand the state of personalization maturity, every year, we generate and analyze the responses from our personalization maturity self-assessment test. This marks the third consecutive year reporting on the results of our findings.

How we evaluate personalization maturity

We survey marketers, executives, developers, and other key stakeholders involved in customer experience design across the globe to learn about their organization's current technology stack, organizational structure, and internal commitment to personalization. Respondents are representative across demographic profiles and industries.

The survey explores four stages of personalization maturity: absent, basic, advanced, pioneer, based on an organization’s ability to unify data, dedicate resources to drive personalization, visionary outlook, and more.

The Lowdown

  • Absent Definition: Personalization is not yet present across digital properties. This could be because the organization was not sure what was possible technologically or never made personalization a core priority.
  • Basic Definition: Organizations that deploy basic levels of personalization, usually channel-specific and with limited segmentation capabilities.
  • Advanced Definition: Organizations that have already established some processes and testing roadmaps to inform their personalization efforts.
  • Pioneer Definition: Organizations that have already overcome many challenges that come with adopting a customer-first approach through personalization.
User-Centricity The organization is able to personalize customer experiences based on a single view of the customer.
Impact The organization can share personalization success stories and prove its potential impact on business growth.
Processes A centralized team drives personalization and translates strategies into impactful deployments.
Resources The organization invests in creating processes and designating owners to personalization.
Leadership Personalization is prioritized as a company-wide strategic initiative.
Technology Personalization technology is deeply integrated within the tech stack, using all available consumer data.
Culture The organization sees the value in delivering superior, individualized customer experiences.
Data Data-driven decision-making is effective and leveraged from data collected across all customer channels.

95% of marketers believe there's value in personalization.

For three straight years, the vast majority of companies have continued to share an understanding of the benefits an individualized approach can have on the larger business strategy.

But over one-third of individuals (35%) confessed to being unable to effectively personalize the customer experience.

47% copped to deploying only basic on-site personalization with limited segmentation, and 35% claimed they treat users the same across all channels. Only 8% of companies reported having attained a single view of the customer to orchestrate personalization across channels.


What’s missing is the proper technology to anchor personalization efforts.

At 37%, most companies have not integrated personalization within the technology stack. Not trailing far behind, 26% reported they only have channel-specific personalization solutions.


Time to lay the groundwork

Across the globe, we found the belief in personalization remains high while also witnessing gaps in technology and resources, inhibiting the ability to effectively personalize experiences.

Faced with undergoing significant operational changes, many are discovering that integration of personalization technology is a critical first step to adoption, anchoring an organization’s efforts.

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Who Participated?


AMER 29%
EMEA 44%
APAC 27%


Travel 5%
Media 8%
Finserve 8%
Gaming 11%
Tech 19%
eCommerce 49%

Annual Revenue

$50M - $250M 10%
$250M+ 16%
$10M - $50M 20%

Company Size


Job Roles

Managers 53%
VP-Level 9%
C-Level 14%
Director 24%

Job Functions

Marketing 51%
C-Suite 6%
IT 8%
CX 10%
Merchandising 10%
Product 16%

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