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Every year, we generate and analyze the responses from our personalization maturity self-assessment test to better understand the state of personalization maturity.

Personalization technology has continued to shift consumer behavior, with the expectation to be met with tailored experiences at every corner of daily life growing exponentially. Accelerating adoption and use across geographies and industries, companies that are getting it right understand that technology alone is not enough, investing significant resources into the development of effective program processes and methodologies. This is what cutting through the noise and delivering the level of personalization that consumers both expect and reward looks like in 2023.

How we evaluate personalization maturity

We survey marketers, executives, developers, and other key stakeholders (of various demographic profiles) involved in customer experience design across the globe to learn about their organization's visionary outlook, team build and structure, resource allocation, process implementation, and overall commitment to personalization.

Responses are then bucketed into four levels of maturity: absent, basic, advanced, and pioneer, allowing us to effectively report on the state of the personalization market.

The Lowdown

  • Absent Definition: Personalization is not yet present across digital properties. This could be because the organization was not sure what was possible technologically or never made personalization a core priority.
  • Basic Definition: Organizations that deploy basic levels of personalization, usually channel-specific and with limited segmentation capabilities.
  • Advanced Definition: Organizations that have already established some processes and testing roadmaps to inform their personalization efforts.
  • Pioneer Definition: Organizations that have already overcome many challenges that come with adopting a customer-first approach through personalization.
Culture The organization sees the value in delivering superior, individualized customer experiences.
Resources The organization invests in creating processes and designating owners to personalization.
Processes A centralized team drives personalization and translates strategies into impactful deployments.
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Continued belief in personalization’s value at highest in 5 years.

The value in personalization has consistently been high since the onset of our research, setting a new record in 2023 with 98% of organizations believing in its benefits — and 64% planning to invest further in the increasingly popularized practice than in previous years.

Majority of organizations implementing significant personalization processes to reap its rewards.

74% of global brands said they’ve identified meaningful data sources for their personalization efforts, and 91% keep an eye out for major learnings from test results to apply in the future. Further, more than half of businesses regularly circulate these insights with at least one other team for greater alignment.

With impact of established roadmap, KPIs, and data-driven approach leading to greater effectiveness overall.

Increased access to pertinent data and insights has resulted in 61% of organizations connecting past tests to new experiment ideas, and a majority of businesses establish clear KPIs for every campaign. As a result, personalization roadmaps are regularly favored over executive testing mandates.

Value in personalization at 98%, with record-breaking high spurring ongoing market advancements

Driven by the exponential growth in consumer demand for tailored experiences, more businesses than ever before are practicing foundational levels of personalization.

As a result, companies across geographies and industries are investing significant resources to evolve their processes and methodologies and stay ahead of the competition, with the global market maintaining an Advanced level of maturity.

Those looking to launch more powerful campaigns and even facilitate new and immersive experiences like live and metaverse-based commerce will aim to become Process Pioneers in 2023.

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