Omnichannel Personalization Platform:
Automated, Real-Time, Easy to Deploy

Optimize every customer interaction through a single easy-to-use omnichannel personalization platform

Advanced Customer Segmentation

Customer Segmentation

Engage High-Value Segments Using Advanced Targeting
Easily create and micro-target audience groups. Target based on past behavior, customer journey phase, real-time intent, geo-location, weather forecast, subscription status and more.

Experience Personalization

Serve 1:1 Personalized Experiences in Real-Time
Combine Omnichannel Personalization, Personalized Product and Content Recommendations, Testing and Yield Optimization and Real-Time 1:1 Messaging to increase revenue and conversions.
Omnichannel Personalization Platform Advanced Targeting
Experience Personalization


Deliver Personalized Product or Content Recommendations
Improve revenue and LTV through dynamic recommendations. Combine multiple recommendation strategies, contextual recommendation layouts, flexible merchandizing and content targeting rules – all within a single recommendation widget.
Content and Product Recommendations
Content and Product Recommendations
On Product Pages
On Cart Pages
Within Email
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Layout Personalization

Restructure Any Element or Layout
Dynamically rearrange elements, menu-items and categories. Serve customized layouts according to each visitor’s preferences.

Mobile App Personalization

Empower Your
Native Apps
Personalize, test, and optimize any element on your Android or iOS app in real-time, to increase retention and in-app engagement.

Omnichannel Personalization Across Mobile Apps
Driving Big Results with Personalization
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