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Uncover personalization opportunities with Predictive Targeting, automatically

Deploy the optimal targeting setup to drive the most uplift in revenue for each segment, with a single click
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Discover hidden personalization opportunities
Maximize uplifts with machine-learning optimization. Let Dynamic Yield’s Predictive Targeting engine continuously analyze and identify opportunities to serve the most relevant content for each audience segment.
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Predict at scale, across any touchpoint
Predictive Targeting automatically identifies personalization opportunities across any channel, including web, mobile web, email, advertising channels, and apps — driving the best results for your business.
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Save time with effortless 1-click deployment
Predictive Targeting surfaces personalization opportunities in real-time and notifies you through the platform or via email so that you can take immediate action with 1 click.

Additional capabilities baked into our platform

Automated email alerts
Receive automated emails surfacing recommendations for additional targeting groups and variations that should be served to each one, as well as the uplift it is expected to generate.
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Flexible KPI selection
Predictive Targeting lets you choose the most appropriate optimization KPI for each campaign, including behavioral, event-based, or revenue-based goals.
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Uplift projections

Only courses of actions that have reached statistical significance are evaluated and prioritized in terms of significance and expected uplift — empowering you to achieve faster growth.