Power true personalization with AI-driven Targeting
Maximize your campaigns’ performance with minimal effort. Predictive Targeting runs behind the scenes, continuously analyzing the performance of all of your campaigns, and automatically recommends the best experience for each user.
Best Variation For Female VIP Shoppers
Best experience For New Visitors
Best experience For New VisitorsBest experience For New Visitors

Best experience For Returning Customers
Best experience For Returning CustomersBest experience For Returning Customers

Yield Optimization

Predictive Testing

Every Test Is an Opportunity for Personalization
There’s never a single test winner for all visitors. Predictive Targeting’s AI-engine runs in real time, scanning the performance of every variation across each segment to discover personalization opportunities.

Additional Features

Omnichannel Targeting

Predictive Targeting automatically identifies personalization opportunities across web, mobile, email and apps, driving the best results for your business.

Effortless 1-click Deployment

Predictive Targeting surfaces personalization opportunities in real-time, and notifies you through the platform or via email so that you can take immediate action with 1-click.

Real-time Recommendations

Personalization can be hard work. Predictive Targeting handles all the hard work for you, while leaving you the control to choose the preferred course of action.

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