Meet Dynamic Yield

Want to see Dynamic Yield in action? Watch our platform demo below, and experience our capabilities in full force.


1: Introduction @ 0:00
2: Experience OS Overview @ 0:09
3: Testing & Optimization @ 0:49
4: Multi-touch Campaigns @ 3:10
5: Global Control @ 5:08
6: Targeting & Personalization @ 5:20
7: Resonsible Personalization @ 6:32
8: Zero-Party Data Personalization @ 6:48
9: Out of the Box Templates @ 7:17
10: Feedback & Survey Templates @ 8:01
11: Element @ 8:51
12: Cardholder Spend Insights @ 9:46
13: Recommendation Engine @ 10:30
14: Merchandising Rules @ 12:19

15: Algorithim Studio @ 12:59
16: Audience Hub @ 13:44
17: Affinity Allocation @ 15:06
18: Predictive Audiences @ 15:56
19: Rooted Personalization @ 16:13
20: Primary Audiences @ 16:33
21: Experience Email @ 16:55
22: Merchandising Rules @ 12:19
23: Campaign Traffic Audiences @ 18:41
24: Triggered Emails @ 19:23
25: Push Notifications @ 20:37
26: Audiences Everywhere @ 21:28
27: Profile Anywhere @ 22:12

Please note: This demo provides a high-level overview of our platform. If you are interested in seeing what else is under the hood, schedule a call to see an in-depth demo. Additionally, we're offering a free personalization RFP template (no form-fill required) to help you select the vendor best suited to execute on your digital customer experience vision.

Capabilities not covered in this video include but are not limited to: server-side APIs (read our documentation here), social proof messaging, product badging, deep learning algorithms, growth marketing tactics via out-of-the-box integrations with Facebook and Google Ads, ESPs, CMSs, DMPs, web analytics platforms, and more.

The Operating System for Personalization

We help visionary brands become innovative leaders by allowing them to quickly build and deliver better digital customer experiences at every touchpoint.

Dynamic Yield is the Customer Experience Optimization Platform built for agility, providing all of the tools necessary to quickly build relevant digital experiences at every touchpoint under one roof. Through artificial intelligence, teams are then able to maximize the performance of each campaign, improving engagement, lifetime value, and revenue to help businesses gain a sustainable competitive advantage.

Marketing, Product, Development, and eCommerce teams from more than 450+ brands around the world use Dynamic Yield daily for launching new personalization campaigns, running server- and client-side A/B tests, leveraging deep-learning for product recommendations, and employing algorithms for smartly triggered email personalization and push notification campaigns.

What agility means with Dynamic Yield:

  • Take experiences from concept to execution quickly. We allow organizations to activate their data from any source to quickly and efficiently create more relevant experiences on top of their existing CMS and tech stack, and then continuously optimize them.
  • Gain operational independence with a single Operating System. Leverage streamlined workflows to turn cross-functional digital teams into agile collaborators.
  • Influence the entire customer journey. We are saving costs for our customers and eliminating vendor bloat by replacing multiple point solutions with a unified hub.
  • Do a lot more with fewer people. Organizations won’t need huge teams to run personalized, optimized, and consistent experiences. Many of our customers realize substantial revenue uplifts using only one person on their team.
  • Augment your efforts with our team of experts. Our customer service expertise, deep product knowledge, and extensive use case ideation and experience building templates help our customers deliver a differentiated customer experience.
  • See value faster. We offer a unique 10-day Accelerated Onboarding workshop.
Martin N
UX Manager
Marketing and Advertising
Mid-Market (201-500 employees)
Source: TrustRadius
Jun 16, 2017
"Warning! Will dramatically improve conversion!"
Benjamin L
Geschäftsführer & Chief Revenue Officer
Mid-Market (201-500 employees)
Source: TrustRadius
Nov 17, 2019
"Great tool to improve your merchandizing fast"
Zoltan M
Director Marketing
Mid-Market (501-1000 employees)
Source: TrustRadius
Nov 04, 2019
"Dynamic Yield is generating additional revenue
and saving IT resources"
Alex S
Seniot Digital Change Manager
Mid-Market (201-500 employees)
Source: TrustRadius
Nov 05, 2019
"We had the software up and running on our
platform in less than a month!"