Dynamic Yield for Publishers

Dynamic Yield for Publishers
Deliver a personalized and engaging new media experience that keeps visitors coming back.

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Content is king. Blogs, news sites and other content publishers work hard to create headlines and stories that drive engagement. With limited screen real estate, the challenge facing publishers is critical: Provide a relevant experience to each website user. With Dynamic Yield, publishers and media companies can automatically deliver a customized experience to each visitor based on past behavior, demographics, psychographics, device used, referring site and more. When it comes to website visitors, one user experience does not fit all. As a result, personalization technology is becoming the key driving factor for increased engagement.


Automated optimization of headlines and images

Create article variations combining headlines and images. Machine-learning algorithms then target visitors with the best version in real time.

Personalized reading experience in real time

Relevant content and a custom-fit page layout produce dramatic improvement in engagement, returning visits, subscriptions, and customer loyalty.

Real-time performance insights at your fingertips

Every page generates impression, CTR and revenue metrics – enabling you to make data-driven editorial decisions with laser-targeted precision.

Are you ready to increase reader engagement, loyalty and time on site?