Drive users further down the funnel with personalized product listing pages

Dynamically showcase the most relevant products to each user using a self-training deep learning ranking algorithm

Remove friction in the product discovery phase
Automatically change product order according to real-time shopper behavior and affinity, driving greater discovery, engagement, and revenue.
Predict customers’ next purchase through deep learning
Use Dynamic Yield’s most advanced deep learning algorithm – AdaptML™ – to dynamically arrange products on category pages based on multiple goals and KPIs.
Deliver a flicker-free user experience
Personalize your catalog pages entirely through the server code to minimize the effect on page load and deliver a high converting customer experience.

Additional capabilities baked into our platform

Custom attribution settings
Determine how results are calculated to align with your business goals with both session- and user-level attribution options.
Flexible KPI selection
Select either an out-of-the box KPI or create your own custom KPI to optimize towards when experimenting with the personalized product listing pages.
Advanced reporting & analytics
Get further insight into product listing page experiments by understanding how additional secondary metrics performed.
Understand the immediate impact of tests
Use out-of-the-box testing capabilities to automatically calculate the incremental revenue uplift and direct product views.
Real-time personalization
Results are updated continuously and in real-time to adjust to new product data and user events as it comes in.
Enhance the product discovery journey
Tailor results based each consumer’s interests and needs, allowing them to find the products they are looking for faster.
Once your development team has set up the experience in the server-code, any team member can quickly launch a personalized product listing test on your site.
Display real-time results based on customer behavioral data
While site visitors shop, product listing pages are updated continuously and in real-time, adjusting to users’ entire purchase behavior, browsing activity, and more.
Tailored results for each site visitor
Products are automatically configured with the optimal algorithm parameters for each site visitor.