A better product recommendation engine to predict customers' next purchase

Turn product recommendations into your competitive differentiator, with deep learning algorithms, powerful statistical engines, merchandising control, and cross-channel support.
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Predict customers’ next purchase through deep learning
Use Dynamic Yield’s most advanced deep learning recommendation system – AdaptML™ – to predict the next best series of products to each shopper.
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Deliver journey-aware product recommendations
Implement the appropriate recommendation strategies based on a user’s position in the purchase funnel (home page, product page, cart page) and their user attributes (first-time user vs. VIP).
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Adapt recommendation layouts according to context
Dynamically change the layout of recommendation widgets based on a user’s attributes – all while continuously testing to present the most relevant recommendations.
Configure algorithms to enhance product recommendations
Configure your algorithms according to product performance, select the desired lookback window, and adjust the weight of each ranking factor to tailor your recommendation strategies to your unique business needs.

Enrich recommendation algorithms with offline purchase data

Improve the quality of recommendations with a rich layer of in-store purchase data to serve the most relevant products for each site visitor according to both their offline and online shopping behavior.
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Fuse multiple recommendation strategies
Combine recommendation strategies into a single recommendation widget. You can even let our machine learning engine choose the right mix of strategies to maximize the performance.
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Deploy recommendations on both client- or server-side
Extend product recommendations beyond the web. Deliver the entire breadth of personalization at every single digital channel and customer touchpoint, including kiosks, call centers, IoT devices, and more.

Additional capabilities baked into our platform

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Full merchandising control
Control product recommendations with an intuitive and easy-to-use engine with flexible and sophisticated targeting and merchandising rules that update in real-time.
exclude products
Exclude products purchased offline from online recommendations
Create a seamless shopping experience between offline and online and ensure customers do not see products they have recently purchased in-store while shopping online.
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Server & client-side capabilities
Complete freedom to deploy recommendations on your site using both our server-side and client-side support for rendering recommendations.
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Large feed size support
Dynamic Yield can fully ingest and handle large feeds with millions of product SKUs to power recommendations and user affinities.
Multiple product feed support
Leverage all of your inventory data by uploading multiple product feeds within a single account and use them to deploy product recommendations.
Agile Recommendations
Agile recommendation testing
Test and optimize any recommendation element – including the layout, design, recommendation strategy, location, widgets header, and more.
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Automated traffic allocation
Leverage multi-armed bandit algorithms for automated traffic allocation and optimization to maximize your recommendation results.
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Robust recommendation strategies
Select from a wide range of algorithms – including automated, similarity, viewed and purchased together, popularity, recently purchased or viewed, collaborative filtering, and more.
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Fast feed processing time
Make sure your rendered recommendations are always up-to-date when uploading or synching product feeds with Dynamic Yield.
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“With a few clicks, it’s quick and easy to build and deploy product recommendations across web and email.”
Valter Rolda, Marketing Tech at Linio
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Contextual widget placement
Dynamically embed your product recommendation widgets on designated CSS selectors on your site without any need to access or touch the source code.
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Out-of-the-box recommendation templates
Get inspiration from a library of pre-built experience templates, including dozens of ready-to-use recommendation templates.
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Streamlined widget creation flow
Our easy-to-use, streamlined recommendations workflow for creating and implementing new recommendation widgets allows you to scale your recommendation campaigns.
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100% CMS agnostic
Built as an open-ended platform with flexible architecture, Dynamic Yield is completely CMS agnostic and supports all carts.
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Insert recommendations anywhere
Easily insert personalized recommendations anywhere – on a menu, the homepage, cart pages, product pages, overlay messages, native mobile apps, display banners, and inside emails.
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