Industry leading product recommendations
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Stand out with exceptional content and product recommendations that offer bespoke experiences at every step.
Personalization Engines Leader, 2019-2023
2023 Leader for 6th consecutive year
Forrester Wave Strong Performer, Q4 2021

Predict your customer’s needs every time, without the lift


Cutting-edge algorithms that put your customers first

Deliver unrivaled accuracy and precision with algorithms like deep learning and reinforcement learning. Gain deeper user demographics, preferences and real-time behavior that allows you to tailor every layout and experience like magic.

Access dozens of powerful strategies, from AffinityML to Geo-Based Predictive Targeting
Use contextual data to drive more profitable recommendations
Power your recommendations with CRM, loyalty and in-store purchase data
Explore items in your available loyalty points range
200 points
Deep Learning
300 points
Geo-Based Predictive Spend
400 points

Optimized for revenue impact

Customize everything, everywhere! Every element of your strategy can be designed and tested in every location. You can even dynamically optimize based on customer attributes, traffic, geo, weather, device, and more.

Test and optimize any recommendation element
Adapt layouts according to context and affinities
Move fast with a robust collection of existing strategies, or create your own
Variation A performed better with new users!

Built for scale, designed to be tested

We do the heavy lifting so you can focus on delivering. Dynamic Yield can fully ingest and handle large, complex feeds that span languages, currencies, and geographies, with millions of product and content SKUs, to power recommendations and user affinities.

Activate large and complex data feeds
Save time with innovative built-in recommendation templates
Deploy recommendations on both the client and server side, on any digital channel
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Blend Machine Learning with human curation

Dynamic Yield doesn’t just specialize in product recommendations. Real-time filters enable you to dynamically adjust recommendations across product and content to reflect a customer’s preferences, affinities, and behavior in real-time.

Customize algorithms to serve unique business needs
Everything happens in real-time with data at your fingertips
Fuse together content and product recommendations in one place
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Personalization that's out of this world. Literally.
We’re Gartner Leaders six years running – positioned highest and furthest compared to all other vendors and leaders in customer-rated categories
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Drive more revenue from your recommendations

And a whole lot more…

Predictive Targeting at Scale

Automatically discover which recommendation strategies should be applied per each audience based on predicted performance. More on Predictive Targeting.

Maximize Email Engagement

Email recommendations are rendered at open time to ensure algorithm calculations and product properties are always up-to-date. More on email personalization.

Advanced Testing

Leverage classic A/B tests, multi-armed bandit, affinity-allocation, or multi-touch campaigns to accelerate learning and performance impact.

Works Across All Channels

Insert recommendations anywhere – on websites, digital menu boards, native mobile apps, display banners, SMS messages, push notifications, and emails.

Fuse multiple strategies

Combine recommendation strategies into a single recommendation widget, or let our ML engine choose the right mix of strategies for you.

Connect offline to online

Create a seamless customer experience between offline and online and ensure customers do not see products recently purchased in-store while shopping online.

Built with MACH principles

Use ready-made recommendation APIs to create or supplement your own infrastructure and run them at scale. More on MACH Alliance.

Deploy on any CMS and stack

Built as an open-ended platform with flexible architecture, Dynamic Yield is completely CMS agnostic and supports all carts.

Analyze, optimize, measure

Get a high-level performance view with drill-down recommendation reports for actionable insights and deep analytics.

Fast feed processing time

Make sure your rendered recommendations are always up-to-date when uploading or synching product feeds.

Fully autonomous and flexible

Modify recommendation strategies and react quickly to changing business needs with a no-code merchandising rule builder.

Ensure privacy and compliance

Keep your users and your customer data safe. See our GDPR and Data Privacy Resource Center for more information.

Experience recommendation use cases on your own site

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With Dynamic Yield, Sephora customers can seamlessly find the right products for their beauty needs. Personalisation is at the core of our eCommerce strategy and partnering with Dynamic Yield allows us to craft truly customised shopping experiences across all touch points.
Alexis Horowitz-Burdick Managing Director, Sephora SEA

Better together

Recommend is more powerful when coupled with the rest of our capabilities, all available in a single operation system for personalization.