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Deliver Relevant Customer Experiences through Personalized Recommendations

Recommendation Engine

Extract the Highest Value From Your Recommendations
Make trustworthy recommendations backed by data and realize your highest ROIs. Set your own rules and let Dynamic Yield’s machine-learning engine automatically select the most effective strategy for each user, context, or KPI.
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Personalized Product Recommendations

Put the Right Products In Front of Each Shopper
Dynamically adapt to user intent and make compelling real-time recommendations across touchpoints.

› Product Pages
Tailor product discovery based on the currently viewed product or users’ past browsing and purchase history.
› Homepage
Create a lasting bond with affinity-based recommendations or by featuring your most popular products.
› Category Pages
Use collaborative filtering to personalize catalog grids according to behavioral patterns and filtering preferences.
› Shopping Cart
Pump up the sale by upselling and cross-selling at the moment of truth.
› Search Pages
Recapture revenue and minimize bounce rates from "null search" pages.
› Upon Exit-Intent
Customize recommendations for cart abandoners to ignite engagement and maximize sales.
Homepage Product RecommendationsProduct Page RecommendationsCategory Page RecommendationsProduct Recommendations on Shopping CartSearch Page Product RecommendationsExit Intent Product Recommendations

Personalized Content Recommendations

Improve Readership With Content Recommendations
Deepen engagement with context-aware recommendations that evolve with your reader’s behavior.
› Upon Exit-Intent
Increase recirculation and reduce exit rates by tailoring recommendations for site abandoners.
› Homepage
Curate reading journeys by always recommending hyper-relevant content, even if user preferences change over time.
› Article Pages
Increase pageviews and serendipity by featuring top-performing, trending, and related articles.
› Cross-Site Widgets
Increase visits by recommending and promoting content across sites.
› Native Ads
Increase profit margins by recommending personalized native ads across properties.
› Notifications
Encourage content consumption with tailored recommendations across desktop and mobile apps.
Homepage Content RecommendationsArticle Page Content RecommendationsCross Site Content RecommendationsExit intent Content RecommendationsNative Ads RecommendationsContent Recommendations via Notifications

Email Recommendations

Add Personalized Recommendations to Your Email Campaigns
Deliver personalized content or product recommendations via email, triggered by any behavioral or contextual-based condition.

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