Personalization technology built for restaurants

Transform static digital menus across drive-thru, apps and in-store kiosks into fully-personalized experiences that increase order value and drive loyalty.

Deliver personalized experiences to all customers, identified or not

Predict the next-best products, menu items, layout, and offers on every digital channel
  • Unidentified customers

    Increase check size with personalization

    Algorithmically recommend items in digital menu boards and apps based on location, time of day, weather, real-time product availability, and more.

  • Identified customers

    Drive higher loyalty and CLTV with tailored offers

    Recommend products to your known customers based on each customer’s unique affinity and past purchase history.

Brick and Mortar Personalization

Industry winning personalization, tailored to the in-store, restaurant experience

  • Recommendation engine built for QSRs Dynamic Yield’s recommendation algorithms were built and trained specifically for the QSR industry to increase average order value.
  • Layout and content A/B testing and personalization Tailor your menu for 100% of customers based on localized customer preferences to increase add to cart value and optimize business KPIs.
  • Restaurant-level targeting control Reflect product availability, limited-time-offers, time of day trends, and more, all at the individual, brick-and mortar level.

Recommend additional, relevant products based on items the customer has added to their current order


A/B test Messages and Layouts to Optimize Performance anywhere in the Menu Board


Highlight products that are trending at the individual brick and mortar store

In-App Personalization

Unique capabilities designed for the mobile ordering channel

  • Personalization according to each customer’s past ordering history and preferences.
  • Support for order-timing workflows including check-in, check-out, and geo-selection.
  • Present different menus according to pick-up or delivery, according to store-level specifications.
  • Unique mobile reporting capabilities like conversion rates, context-switches and more.
Personalization that's out of this world. Literally.
We’re Gartner Leaders six years running – positioned highest and furthest compared to all other vendors and leaders in customer-rated categories
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