Personalized eCommerce Search Engine

Self-learning, predictive search to drive more sales.

Personalized Search

Deliver personalized search results to each visitor
Dynamic Yield’s Search learns customer preferences and intent in real-time and continually improves the relevance and accuracy of your search results.
personalized search
personalized search

Smart Search Capabilities

Support your users while they search
› Autocomplete
Return smart search results with every keystroke using predictive search.
› Synonyms
Create search term synonyms to ensure that your users find items relevant to them.
› Spelling Error Tolerance
Verify search terms against a huge database of common spellings and automatically returns results based on the correct spelling.

dynamic variables
a_b testing

search filters

Customized Facets & Filters

Enable your users to fine-tune their search results
Provide users with faceted search and filtering options to ensure that they can find the items most relevant to them.
More Search Features
Powered by Machine Learning & AI

Leverage the power of advanced machine learning and AI to analyze millions of data points and deliver personalized search results.

Real-time Learning & Improvements

Deliver highly personalized search results that continuously learn and improve based on customer behavior and general trends.

Search Reporting & Analytics

Access reports and data on search queries, general trends, and patterns.


Provide a great search experience optimized for your mobile shoppers.

Product Pinning

Promote products to visitors by “pinning” them to the top of search results.

Multilingual Support

Support search for over 10 different languages.

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