Build Actionable Customer Segments in Real-Time to Drive Your Business

Quantify the business value of every segment and interaction

Advanced Customer Segmentation

Distill Complex User Data into Actionable Segments
Use micro-segmentation to identify and target high-value customers. Create audience segments based on geo-specific events, on-site interactions, referral source, psychographic factors and more.
Advanced Customer Segmentation
Unified Customer ProfilesUnified Customer Profiles

Unified Customer Profiles

Capture People Data Across Channels & Devices
Combine proprietary data into a single user-centric database and address real-time need across channels, journey contexts, and most-likely touchpoints.

Unknown User Identification

Personalize Experiences for Anonymous Visitors
Unlock behavioral data on anonymous visitors and amplify opportunities for conversion uplift and 1:1 engagement.
Unknown User Identification Segment for Luxury Male Travelers
Unknown User Identification Segment for Female Pre-Booking Travelers
Unknown User Identification Segment for High-Value Family Travelers

Data Activation

Onboard & Activate Customer Data with Precision
Onboard data from multiple sources on day one and bridge the gap between online and offline marketing. Easily collect, store, and categorize robust data sets from your CRM, APIs, and more – using a single customer segmentation and experience management platform.
Data Onboarding
Segment & Cohort AnalysisSegment & Cohort Analysis

Segment & Cohort Analysis

Quantify Every User Interaction & Response
Measure the impact of segment-specific campaigns. Quantify revenue, Average Order Value and other valuable metrics to understand the performance and potential of different user segments.
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