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Reduce shopping cart abandonment and increase sales

Automate real-time triggered emails, push notifications, exit-intent overlays, and retargeting ad campaigns – anytime a cart is abandoned.
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Trigger cart & browse abandonment emails
Send behavioral email messages based on real-time signals and user behavior, like abandoning a shopping cart or lack of activity shown in the past week.
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Deploy exit popups to stop abandonments
Trigger exit-intent popups on shopping cart and checkout pages as soon as the abandonment occurs. Include product recommendations and messages urging visitors to complete their purchases.
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Optimize the entire checkout experience across touchpoints
Continuously iterate, analyze, and optimize the complete checkout experiences on web and mobile to understand your users and confidently deliver on their needs.
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Bring users back with personalized push notifications
Send timely, relevant push notifications based on a user’s real-time or past activity. Target cart abandoners with reminders, product recommendations, tailored offers, and more to drive users back into your mobile app.
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Re-engage cart abandoners with personalized ads
Optimize and personalize display ads to be served on any third-party site or ad network. Retarget cart abandoners with personalized banners that dynamically adapt content and promotions based on actions taken on-site.
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Iterate faster with cart abandonment templates
Speed up your workflow and reduce IT dependency with a built-in library of dozens of experience templates for high-impact cart abandonment use cases.
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Additional capabilities baked into our platform

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True omnichannel targeting
Turn omnichannel from vision to reality and identify customers who engage with you on a different devices than where the abandonment was started.
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Advanced audience explorer
Use a powerful audience segmentation engine to identify cart abandoners based on demographics, transaction data, purchase history, and behaviors.
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Event-based triggers
Define any custom event as a trigger for deeper personalization opportunities across any channel or device.
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Robust A/B testing & optimization engine
Continuously test, optimize, and maximize the value from every recovery email, push notification message, exit-intent popup, retargeting banners, recommendations, or in-page content.
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Intelligent product recommendations
Let machines recommend users the products they’ll be most likely to purchase based on their real-time activity, personal preferences, or past purchases.
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Triggered emails have been a great feature, delivering an 80% open rate and helps us increase revenue we receive from each visitor to the site.

Rebecca Mehaffey, Web Trading Manager @ Ocado

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Email capture overlays & notifications
Collect more email addresses from anonymous shoppers by deploying subscription notifications, email capture banners, welcome messages, and more.
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100% CMS agnostic
Built as an open-ended platform with flexible architecture, Dynamic Yield is completely CMS agnostic and supports all carts.
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Powerful webhooks & integrations
With our rich library of out-of-the-box integrations and powerful webhooks you can integrate with any major marketing tool, including ESPs, DMPs, eCommerce platforms, and more.
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