Stop Losing 74% of Sales from Abandoned Shopping Carts

Deploy Personalization Strategies to Combat Shopping Cart Abandonments and Recover Lost Sales

Personalized Emails

Trigger Abandoned Cart Emails
Send behavioral emails as soon as the abandonment occurs, with personalized product recommendations and incentives urging visitors to complete their purchases.

Personalized Emails

Exit-Intent Popups

Prompt Personalized Exit Popups to Stop Abandonments
Display highly incentivized exit-intent popups on shopping cart and checkout pages. Present different messages and personalized product recommendations, depending on which items the shopper has shown interest in.
Exit Intent Popups

Personalized Product Recommendations

Secure Purchases with Personalized Recommendations
Present personalized recommendations anywhere on your site, to drive more sales.

Personalized Product Recommendations

Optimized Checkout Flow

Optimize the entire checkout experience across Touchpoints
Visually design experiences with a WYSIWYG Editor that lets you preview changes as you make them. Iterate, analyze and optimize continuously to understand your users and confidently deliver on their needs.
Optimized Checkout FlowOptimized Checkout Flow

Dynamic Ads

Re-Engage Cart Abandoners with Personalized Ads
Optimize and personalize display ads to be served on any third-party site or ad network. Retarget cart abandoners with personalized display ads that dynamically adapt content and promotions based on actions taken on-site.


Speed up your work-flow and reduce IT dependency with
a built-in library of out-of-the-box personalization templates.
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    Tens of templates are available for each of the Dynamic Yield modules, across all verticals.
  • Customize

    Each template consists of design variables, easily configurable through a WYSIWYG interface.
  • Optimize

    Create multiple variation without any IT assistance, and launch your campaign with a click.
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