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Guide customers through large product catalogs from discovery to conversion, using the most advanced AI language and personalization models.
Your Shopping Muse
Hey there 👋 I’m here to help you find what you
need. How can I help you today?
I'm looking for an outfit for a
winter destination wedding in Bali
Sure, let’s find you the perfect outfit for a
winter destination wedding in Bali
Floral Elegance
MAMA Maxi Dress
Long Halterneck Dress
Halter Sleeved Dress
Linen Blend Dress
Puff-Sleeved Dress
Open-Backed Chiffon
Maxi Wrap Dress
Strappy Chic
Lace Up Kitten Heels
Chunky Heel Sandal
Slide Heeled Sandal
Ankle Strap Sandal
Show me something bolder, like
a pop star would wear
Absolutely, let’s help you dress up
like a true pop-star!
Edgy Chic
Bow-Front Mini Dress
Show Similar
Shoulder-Pad Dress
Long-Sleeved Bodycon
V-Neck Midi Dress
Satin Kaftan Dress
Off-Shoulder Blouse
Jersey Slip Dress
Show similar items to “Shoulder-
Pad Dress”
Sure, let’s find similar items to “Shoulder-
Pad Dress”
Similar to “Shoulder-Pad Dress”
Sequined Dress
Metallic Mini Skirt
Ribbed Jersey Dress
Sequined Wrap Dress
Cut-Out Bodycon
Beaded Disco Dress
Patterned Poplin
Personalization Engines Leader, 2019-2024
2023 Leader for 6th consecutive year
Forrester Wave Strong Performer, Q4 2021

Conversational commerce meets cutting-edge personalization

Shopping Muse understands your customers’ needs, suggests product bundles, and makes shopping feel like chatting with a friend. It harnesses the power of multi-faceted machine learning models, incorporating NLP, image recognition, and personalization algorithms to ensure each shopping session feels as personalized as can be.

The future, predicted

Powered by AffinityML, Shopping Muse can guess your customers' next purchase with AI-powered affinity profiling. It sounds cool; it is.

Image, analyzed

VisualML uses image recognition so your customers can upload pictures of their perfect look and get suggestions… just like a real personal shopper.

Anonymous visitor? No problem

Personalize results for anonymous visitors by using Mastercard's industry-leading data to show what’s trending nearby or by affinity.

Your muse, your way

Everything about Shopping Muse can be customized, pulling directly from your product feed to take the guesswork out of product recommendations.

Conversation, naturally

Handle complex queries like “show me outfits from my favorite celebrity” and automagically show them results that actually understand them.

Integrations, everywhere

Shopping Muse integrates with everything Dynamic Yield integrates with, so whatever your tech stack, we’ve got you covered. And we’re MACH alliance members too.

Everything you need and more

Shopping Muse is best suited for industries with large, diverse product catalogs. Specifically, we’ve found fashion and furniture brands to achieve the most value with Shopping Muse and conversational commerce.
Shopping Muse is a plug and play solution, eliminating the hassle of a complicated set up. Once connected, marketers have the opportunity to use an intuitive interface to customize Shopping Muse to match their brand’s tone of voice, look and feel, and style.
Yes! Shopping Muse isn’t just equipped with vast industry expertise and knowledge of your product catalog – it also takes into account contextual data (i.e. weather in the user’s location), shopping and browsing history, and the customer’s unique affinity profile. During the conversation, Shopping Muse combines all of these data points with the customer’s query to suggest the most relevant products for each individual customer.
Shopping Muse is unique from virtually all other conversational bots in the market because it is integrated with Dynamic Yield’s powerful personalization and recommendation capabilities. The recommendation algorithm behind Shopping Muse leverages several components of Dynamic Yield’s Gartner-Leading deep learning engine, including Visual Similarity and ML-powered Affinity. Additionally, all contextual and behavioral data Dynamic Yield collects (both in-session and historic, based on the customer profile) are used in real-time to ensure Shopping Muse recommends the most relevant and engaging products for each individual user.

Shopping Muse can be launched from any place on your website, as a chat icon, as a widget, or even in the navigation bar to complement search.

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