Q1. Why is Dynamic Yield updating its branding to be more closely aligned with Mastercard’s?

As part of Dynamic Yield’s continued integration with Mastercard, a natural next step is to evolve our branding in a way that reflects the unification and strength of both companies, combining the recognition Dynamic Yield has garnered in the personalization space as well as that of Mastercard as a global technology company.

Q2. What are the benefits of integrating Dynamic Yield’s brand more closely with Mastercard’s?

Consistency and Cohesion: A similar visual identity creates a unified, consistent, and cohesive brand experience from the many stakeholders across Dynamic Yield and Mastercard ecosystems, helping to reinforce our messages, values, and offerings.

Leveraging Brand Equity: Mastercard’s strong presence and positive reputation (trust, security, scale, humanity, partnership, and so forth) can benefit us markets where Dynamic Yield is less known, with our longstanding experience in B2B SaaS inversely supporting Mastercard D&S brand awareness.

Market Clarity: The integration of branding eliminates confusion in the market and ensures that customers, prospects, partners, candidates, and beyond recognize Dynamic Yield as part of Mastercard’s amazing network – clarity which we believe will lead to increased trust and loyalty.

Shared Values and Identity: A consistent visual identity emphasizes the shared values and identities of both Dynamic Yield and Mastercard, creating a sense of unity among employees and fostering a common culture.

Cross- and Upselling Opportunities: A unified brand can encourage cross-selling and upselling opportunities between Dynamic Yield products and the Mastercard suite of Data & Services, as customers who are familiar with one brand are more likely to explore offerings from the other.

Q3. What are we changing as part of the brand integration?

Yes, as we move towards more closely integrating the brand, our company’s logo will be updated to reflect the combined identity of both organizations. The new logo will represent the synergy of our strengths and the shared vision we have for the future.

You may notice that there are two different logos:

“Dynamic Yield” with the Mastercard logomark
“Dynamic Yield by Mastercard”

This is part of the phased approach to brand integration.

The only logo you need to use is this first – “Dynamic Yield” with the Mastercard logomark, which you can download from https://styleguide.dynamicyield.com/.

The “Dynamic Yield by Mastercard” logo will only be used in specific scenarios, which the Marketing team will manage. But please do refer to the company name as “Dynamic Yield by Mastercard” when written out.

Q4. Will there be any changes to our company’s color palette and brand guidelines?

Our new brand will be rolled out gradually over time. The first thing you’ll need is new logos and fonts across our website, slides and documents. There will be no change to colors just yet, but as the integration progresses, we’ll always keep you updated.

Q5. When can we expect the new brand to be fully implemented?

The brand integration is a multi-phased process, with phase one updates to logos and fonts set to be completed by mid-October. A roadmap for the following phases will be shared in due course, but keep in mind that certain aspects may continue to evolve even after the initial implementation as we fine-tune our approach.