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Person holds up gleaming credit card.

Calling All Banks: Personalisation Is Crucial to Meeting the UK’s New Consumer Duty Mandate

Organizing Personalization Around Revenue Goals: A 4-Step Method for Financial Institutions

Personalization in QSR: The Possibilities You Didn’t Know Existed

Financial Institutions Are Missing Out on Personalization

When It Comes to Personalization, QSRs Are Asking the Wrong Questions

A quick guide to personalization across the customer lifecycle for financial services

Personalization: the key to optimizing the metaverse shopping experience

5 ways personalization boosts customer acquisition for banking brands

How dynamic personalization transforms retail and supply chain management

Personalization and A/B testing with single page application frameworks

The evolution of artificial intelligence in marketing and personalization

Why digital success is now predicated on collaboration between marketing and product

Elkjop case study

Building customer-centric digital experiences: An Elkjop case study

Personalization in financial services – the power and prerequisites

search discovery

Search Discovery on how experience optimization can kickstart digital transformation

Takeaways from XP Roundtable: Amazon in Times of Crisis

Deep learning recommender systems

The rise of deep learning-based recommendations

Strategizing for omnichannel personalization at scale

How Lamps Plus is helping customers redesign their homes during quarantine and recovery

Navigating COVID-19 – best practices marketers should adopt during times of crisis

eCommerce Visual Merchandising: 7 In-Store Tactics to Use Online

opportunity cost

The opportunity cost associated with personalization

How financial brands can set realistic personalization expectations and still see big results

LiveArea’s Douglas Hollinger on educating clients in a new personalization-driven world

mobile experiment design

Turning your customers’ mobile pain points into purposeful experiment design

Gated Content vs. Ungated Content

It’s personal — why it’s time to deflate the great gated content debate

Diff Agency

Partner Spotlight: Diff Agency

A New York Sports Fan’s Desperate Plea for Personalization

best eCommerce books

9 Must-Read Books For Every eCommerce Professional

omnichannel retail

The promise and pitfalls of omnichannel retailing

Why Most Businesses Aren’t Happy with Their CRO Results

Partner Spotlight: It’s Good to Be LeROI

Next-Level Personalization Using The Holistic Approach

Partner Spotlight with BVAccel

Partner Spotlight: The Golden Age of Personalization with BVAccel

Partner Spotlight: Beyond Personalization Tech with WiderFunnel

Personalization Now

Personalization: Tomorrow is Now

Bayesian a/b testing calculator

Introducing our Bayesian A/B Testing Calculators

The Ember Lab (formerly TrendSeeder) on building a retail brand

Why Personalization is The Key to Capitalizing on What Won’t Change

Incrementality Isn’t Enough: Keeping Pace With Evolving Digital Expectations

We Drank Our Own Brew & Here’s What Happened: A B2B Optimization Story

Digital customer experience optimization: A holistic approach

23 Illuminating eCommerce Shopping Behavior Trends and Predictions

personalization team

The Roles & Structure of an Agile Personalization & Optimization Team

10 Powerful Customer Experience Stats and Insights that You Can’t Ignore

10 Powerful Customer Experience Stats and Insights that You Can’t Ignore

Noah Fleming Interview

Evergreen Book Interview with Noah Fleming

Marketing Personalization Book Covers

5 Marketing Personalization Books Every Marketer Must Read

7 Black Friday Mistakes to Avoid on Your Ecommerce Site

Infographic: 10 Hacks to Deal with Trust, Benefits and Risk Issues and Increase E-commerce Conversions

10 Hacks to Deal with Trust, Benefits and Risk Issues

landing page optimization

The core principles of landing page optimization


15 Great Quotes That Will Inspire You to Start Optimizing

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