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A human face embedded in a half-sphere-shaped screen

What Marketers Miss in the GenAI Discussion

An image of a brain, lightbulb and a checkmark

Here’s Why Your Customers Are Tuning You Out

The Human Advantage in the Age of AI and Personalization

Building the Right “It”: How Pretotyping Guides Product Decisions with Concrete Data

Personalization Unfolded, A Complete Guide by Dynamic Yield

Personalization’s Influence (and Necessity) Across The Online Grocery Journey

5 Personalization Strategies to Bring the Magic of the In-Store Grocery Experience, Online

Why A/B Testing and Personalization Are More Powerful Together

Personalization in QSR: The Possibilities You Didn’t Know Existed

The Power of Recommendations in Financial Services

Amazon Prime Day: Strategies to Personalize like a Goliath

When It Comes to Personalization, QSRs Are Asking the Wrong Questions

Revolutionizing The Drive-Thru Experience By Personalizing for 100% of Guests

Unlocking Personalization in Financial Services: The Power of Audience Strategy

Why Furniture Brands Should Stop Using Antiquated Segmentation Strategies

A quick guide to personalization across the customer lifecycle for financial services

Personalization: the key to optimizing the metaverse shopping experience

How the exponential revenue gains from personalization are too big for financial services to ignore

Why the webstore has become predictable and how guided selling can fix it

The 3 Black Friday Shopping Personas and How to Move From Generalized Discounting to Targeted Experiences

Make it rein this Holiday with a scalable approach to personalization

Creating authentic, personalized experiences Gen-Z shoppers won’t cancel

Personalization IRL: The rise of tailored physical experiences

Elkjop case study

Building customer-centric digital experiences: An Elkjop case study

High-impact eCommerce navigation optimization ideas to improve product discovery

Strategizing for omnichannel personalization at scale

apmex product recommendations

The gold standard for recommendations: An APMEX case study

replenishable products

Product recommendation best practices for brands selling replenishable products

How retailers can maximize the influx of organic search traffic to PDPs during COVID-19

recommended reading

Recommended COVID-19 reading – a curated list of the week’s top marketing articles

tips from home

Tips from Home: Marketing strategies from the Dynamic Yield team during COVID-19

How marketers can manage irregular inventory levels with personalization

recommendation strategy

The essentials for choosing the right product recommendation strategy

product recommender system

An introduction to product recommender systems

merchandising rules

Applying merchandising rules to product recommendations

collaborative filtering

The power of collaborative filtering


Identifying your most valuable customer segments

eCommerce Visual Merchandising: 7 In-Store Tactics to Use Online

5 personalization strategies finance marketers can take to the bank

Be my valentine – an eCommerce marketer’s handbook to the most romantic day of the year

How financial brands can set realistic personalization expectations and still see big results

intro to personalization

Introduction to website personalization

Gated Content vs. Ungated Content

It’s personal — why it’s time to deflate the great gated content debate

The Most Overlooked Aspects of eCommerce Product Recommendations

Real-time personalization webinar

10 Ways To Merchandise Trending Products

A New York Sports Fan’s Desperate Plea for Personalization


Segmentation and targeting for anonymous visitors

From in Line at TJ Maxx to Online: A Lesson in Checkout Optimization

omnichannel retail

The promise and pitfalls of omnichannel retailing

Beat the Holiday Hangover! Convert More Holiday Shoppers with Personalization

growth hacking

Ex-Head of Site Optimization at Staples on Growth hacking in eCommerce

ecommerce experience optimization

A primer on eCommerce one-to-one marketing

Building an experimentation growth plan: A Kopari Beauty case study

How to Create High-Converting Mobile Product Pages

How to Improve Your Post-Purchase eCommerce Strategy


Full-scale personalization: A Fjällräven case study

Santa’s Helpers: Five Strategies for Increasing eCommerce Sales During the Holiday Shopping Season

Santa’s Helpers: 5 eCommerce Strategies for Increasing Sales During the Holidays

affinity-based recommendations

Impactful techniques to help you ace your product recommendations

The art and science of killer abandoned cart emails

cro exit popups

Effective CRO tactics for personalized exit popups

affinity-based recommendations

An Introduction to Affinity-Based Recommendations

8 Quick Wins to Increase eCommerce Holiday Sales

8 Quick Wins to Increase eCommerce Holiday Sales

shopping cart abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment recovery strategy, with real-world examples

Publishers: Learn How to Cultivate and Grow Your Side Door Traffic

6 Powerful Infographics for Publishers

Powerful digital marketing infographics publishers must see

5 Cyber Week Product Pages You Need to Study

Personalized Landing Pages: A Recipe for Success

Unlocking growth with personalized landing pages

CRO plan

Developing a conversion rate optimization strategy

Landing Page Optimization Checklist

A King’s Landing: Claim Your Landing Page Optimization Throne

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