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Why Gen Z Craves Personalized Restaurant Experiences

Personalization Unfolded, A Complete Guide by Dynamic Yield

Organizing Personalization Around Revenue Goals: A 4-Step Method for Financial Institutions

Unlocking Personalization in Financial Services: The Power of Audience Strategy

Make it rein this Holiday with a scalable approach to personalization

Prioritization Template for Personalization Program Management

There are no failed A/B tests: How to ensure every experiment yields meaningful results

Guidelines for running effective Bayesian A/B tests

A/A testing and decision making in experimentation

Strategizing for omnichannel personalization at scale

Server-side testing and personalization explained

client-side vs server-side

Client-side vs server-side A/B testing and personalization

client-side A/B testing

Client-side testing and personalization explained

personalization framework

Building a personalization framework designed to scale

Frequentist approach

The Frequentist Approach to A/B Testing

bayesian approach

The Bayesian Approach to A/B Testing

user affinity

One-to-one targeting with affinity-based personalization

a/b tests

The impact of A/B tests and personalization on SEO

optimization analytics

The role of optimization analytics in experimentation

outlier detection

Outliers detection in A/B testing

Diff Agency

Partner Spotlight: Diff Agency

a/b testing

How to analyze and interpret A/B testing results

segmented A/B tests

Segmented A/B tests: Avoiding average experiences

Machine Learning Based Optimization vs. A/B Testing

Machine Learning Based Optimization vs. A/B Testing

email A/B testing

The right and wrong way to do email A/B testing

conversion rate ideas

How to never run out of conversion rate optimization ideas

multivariate test

The complex nature of running multivariate tests

optimization KPI

Choosing the right optimization KPI for your A/B tests

Next-Level Personalization Using The Holistic Approach

Building an experimentation growth plan: A Kopari Beauty case study

conversion attribution

Understanding conversion attribution scoping in A/B testing

Battling the Devils in Your Analytics & Optimization Data

session based attribution

Why session-based attribution is flawed in A/B tests

traffic allocation

Choosing the right traffic allocation in A/B testing

We Drank Our Own Brew & Here’s What Happened: A B2B Optimization Story

frequentist vs bayesian

Frequentist vs. Bayesian approach in A/B testing

Patience: the Holy Grail of Optimization Success

Challenges Publishers Are Facing Today with A/B Testing

Into the Great Unknown: Understanding and Leveraging Dark Social Traffic

Debunking 4 Common Personalization Myths

4 Common Personalization Myths Marketers Need to Stop Believing

Web analytics decision making

7 Questions to Improve Your Data-Based Web Analytics Decisions

optimization objective

Choosing the right conversion optimization objective

Multi-armed bandit

Beyond A/B testing: Multi-armed bandit experiments

Buyer Legends Interview

Buyer Legends Book Interview: Best-selling Authors Jeffrey & Bryan Eisenberg with Anthony Garcia

CRO plan

Developing a conversion rate optimization strategy

Infographic: The Difference Between CTR and Revenue Based Tests

The Difference Between CTR and Revenue Based Tests

5 Reasons Why I Stopped Following A/B Testing Case Studies

5 Reasons Why I Stopped Following A/B Testing Case Studies

landing page optimization

The core principles of landing page optimization

statistical significance

Why reaching and protecting statistical significance is so important in A/B tests

a/b testing

An introduction to A/B testing and optimization

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