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Unlocking Gen AI’s Potential: 3 Essential Strategies for Personalization Success

Personalization Unfolded, A Complete Guide by Dynamic Yield

Innovation Through Structure: Mastering the Product Feed with home24

Why A/B Testing and Personalization Are More Powerful Together

Financial Institutions Are Missing Out on Personalization

Why digital success is now predicated on collaboration between marketing and product

Yaniv Navot eCommerce Fastlane podcast

Dynamic Yield power user and CMO on the nuances, misconceptions, and foundations of personalization

Personalization in financial services – the power and prerequisites

search discovery

Search Discovery on how experience optimization can kickstart digital transformation

Strategizing for omnichannel personalization at scale

personalization framework

Building a personalization framework designed to scale

iGaming personalization

How personalization can set iGaming companies free from high CAC

culture of experimentation

How to create an ongoing culture of experimentation

When it’s time to involve an agency in your personalization efforts

How to successfully pitch personalization to your boss

LiveArea’s Douglas Hollinger on educating clients in a new personalization-driven world

What’s Happening With Personalization on the Front Lines

best eCommerce books

9 Must-Read Books For Every eCommerce Professional

Why Most Businesses Aren’t Happy with Their CRO Results

Partner Spotlight: It’s Good to Be LeROI

In the Age of Amazon, Why Isn’t Every Retail Customer Experience Personalized?

Partner Spotlight with BVAccel

Partner Spotlight: The Golden Age of Personalization with BVAccel

The Importance of Open Architecture in Digital Marketing Software

The Importance of an Open Architecture Digital Marketing Software

Partner Spotlight: Beyond Personalization Tech with WiderFunnel

Personalization Technology: The Build vs. Buy Decision

The Intersection of Insights and Personalization

The Intersection of Insights, Personalization, and Eggs

Centered around personalization: The Farmer’s Dog case study

Unified Marketing Platform vs. Point Solutions: The Ultimate Verdict

Battling the Devils in Your Analytics & Optimization Data

Euromonitor International

Incrementality Isn’t Enough: Keeping Pace With Evolving Digital Expectations

personalization team

The Roles & Structure of an Agile Personalization & Optimization Team

Top 15 Conversion Rate Optimization Thought Leaders to Follow

Top conversion rate optimization thought leaders to follow today

6 personalization trends to watch for

Noah Fleming Interview

Evergreen Book Interview with Noah Fleming

Why News Publishers Are Still Getting Personalization Wrong

CRO plan

Developing a conversion rate optimization strategy


Doing Data Science in a Startup: The Hard Truth

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