The new era of audiencing with Decathlon

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About the Talk:

The way most online brands segment their audiences often proves inefficient and hard to act on. Two humans of the same age with similar income and locations might have drastically different habits and routines which leads to wildly different consumer behavior. After all, it is not our attributes that define us, but our behavior.

In her Talk during a recent CX Circle event in London, Zoe Allen, the CRO & Personalisation Lead from Decathlon UK, explains her vision behind audiencing and shares best practices when it comes to behavior-based targeting as a part of her team’s personalisation strategy.

Tune in to learn:

  • The problem with personalizing based on demographics or the average user
  • The Decathlon mindset behind moving towards behavior-based targeting
  • Putting motivation, behavior, and affinity into practice with real examples
  • Inspiring steps Decathlon took along their audiencing journey

Meet our speaker:

Zoe Allen, CRO & Personalization Lead

Zoe Allen, CRO & Personalization Lead

Zoe started her career in digital agency, working across a variety of industries from e-commerce to travel and finance. For the past two years Zoe has been with Decathlon UK, where she started from scratch, successfully implemented, and is now leading a personalization program. We can definitely call Zoe a true Personalization Pioneer for her passion, innovation and relentlessness when rolling out personalization for a global retailer with 60+ sports categories and 140M customers worldwide.