Building a Strong Email Strategy: With Lands’ End’s Personalization Guru

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About the Webinar

Matthew Larson, Email Marketing Manager and personalization guru at Lands’ End, along with Jake Tenenbaum, Senior Customer Success Manager at Dynamic Yield, discuss why email marketing is still such a powerful mode of customer communication and how tailoring experiences within the inbox can help brands cut through the noise.

Discover some of the powerful strategies Matt’s team has deployed and the incredible uplifts achieved, as well as his suggestions for how to run a well-rounded, successful email marketing program designed to influence today’s busy consumers.

Tune in to learn:

  • The ROI of email compared to other marketing channels
  • The importance of identifying users to link on-site activity with email
  • Leveraging affinity data to build high-value audiences
  • Personalization and the email lifecycle
  • Use cases from Lands’ End’s test everything email approach
  • Tips for a winning email strategy in 2020

About the Speakers

Matthew Larsen, Email Marketing Manager, Lands’ End

At Lands’ End, Matt oversees personalization in emails using dynamic content with Dynamic Yield and also oversees the company’s trigger program. He is fanatic about email testing and always searching for ways to iterate and improve his efforts to drive better and better results.

Jake Tenenbaum, Senior Customer Success Manager, Dynamic Yield

At Dynamic Yield, Jake refines data into meaningful and useful information for clients and acts as their personalization champion, ensuring successful programs. He works with them on how to think strategically and leverage Dynamic Yield to drive improvements in areas such as sales incentives, customer segmentation, campaign prioritization, and engagement.