Connecting content and commerce: How Catch Co facilitates the buyer journey through product education

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About the Talk:

Digital-first brands often look to personalization to forge one-to-one relationships with consumers, using product recommendations, tailoring homepage content, developing sophisticated email marketing strategies, and more to better connect with their users. And those who are able to successfully build programs and lasting relationships with their shoppers will reap massive rewards for the long-term.

But for brands operating in more niche eCommerce verticals – especially those with unique product inventory – ensuring shoppers understand the differences between different merchandise and feel equipped to make confident purchase decisions can be the extra step that gives your company an edge over your competition.

During this webinar, hear from Geoffrey Champlin, SVP of Revenue at leading fishing equipment retailer Catch Co, and Jordan Hawkins, Account Director at Dynamic Yield, as they discuss the benefits of connecting content and commerce and how a focus on product education drives customer engagement and conversions. Additionally, learn how Catch Co. leverages cross-channel content recommendations to not only create a seamless user experience but also to help shoppers gain a better understanding of the equipment and products that will best suit their needs so they never second guess a purchase decision.

What you’ll learn:
  • The benefits of using content to help facilitate the shopping journey and equip today’s shoppers with product knowledge
  • How digital brands can invest in content to develop an engaged shopping community
  • How to engage new users and re-engage past purchasers using tailored content
  • How Catch Co. saw a 35% uplift in revenue per user using content recommendations

Meet the Speakers:

JGeoffrey Champlin, SVP of Revenue,

Geoffrey Champlin, SVP of Revenue,

Geoffrey Champlin is the SVP of Revenue at Catch Co. In his current role, Geoffrey leads subscription, eCommerce, and B2B channels as they reinvent the category through innovative products, content, and experiences built for the modern angler. Geoffrey’s background spans growth strategy, data & analytics, fulfillment & operations, and management consulting, with an emphasis on building and scaling new business lines, teams, tools, and processes.

ordan Hawkins, Account Director, Dynamic Yield

Jordan Hawkins, Account Director, Dynamic Yield

Jordan joined the Dynamic Yield Sales team in 2018. Before that, he held positions as a Developer, Technical Account Manager, and Solutions Engineer in the SaaS technology space. He enjoys beach volleyball, improv, and Dungeons & Dragons.