Lock Down Your Customer Experience with Elkjop

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About the Webinar

As consumers continue to grapple with the realities of the new normal, ensuring that your customers have a positive experience when shopping both in-person and online is crucial to retailers’ success. As Elkjop has learned first-hand, enabling personalization strategies, such as product recommendations, has helped them generate more than 12% of the online revenue alone and optimizing their search options also resulted in a 33% higher conversion rate. Given these statistics, retailers are now using these features to lock down their user experience and achieve impressive results.

In a conversation led by Dynamic Yield’s Customer Success Manager, Anastasiia Vashkelite, Elkjop’s Senior Web/User Experience Analyst, Julie Nielsen, and FACT-Finder’s Customer Success Director, Artur Wagner, tune in to learn the many strategies that your organization can adopt to bring in new customers, optimize their shopping experiences, and keep consumers coming back for more.

Tune in to learn:

  • Why brands can learn from the success of a leading European retailer’s mastery of CX
  • The most important features of product discovery across the user experience
  • How to optimize user experiences to generate long-term revenue
  • The many optimization strategies brands can use to bring their online shops to the next level

About the Speakers

Julie Nielsen, Senior Web-/User Experience Analyst Elkjop

Julie Nielsen, Senior Web/User Experience Analyst, Elkjop

With more than six years of experience in the world of analytics, Julie currently holds a position as Analytics Ninja for the largest electronics retailer in the Nordics. She currently leads the Personalization and CRO track and has also been responsible for the implementation and roll out of Dynamic Yield across the organization.

Artur Wagner, Customer Success Director, FACT-Finder

Artur Wagner, Customer Success Director, FACT-Finder

With more than 12 years of experience in eCommerce, Artur helps FACT-Finder clients improve their customer experience and increase their conversion rates. From implementing projects and best practices to solving issues and improving business metrics, he and his team advise retailers and brands on how to work successfully and efficiently using personalization.

Anastasiia Vashkelite, Customer Success Manager, Dynamic Yield

Anastasiia Vashkelite, Customer Success Manager, Dynamic Yield

With almost 10 years of experience in working with and advising brands on how to successfully implement their strategies and go-to-market projects, Anastasiia now works with some of Dynamic Yield’s biggest clients across eight countries to ensure their success with the platform.