Enhancing the FI Customer Journey with Data-Driven Personalization

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About the Talk:

In this uncertain economic climate, financial institutions are under more pressure to spend less while generating more. At the same time, customers have come to expect a seamless, highly tailored experience wherever they are. Banks and credit unions that are able to excel in personalization will, therefore, reap the rewards in higher customer acquisition, engagement, loyalty and revenue.

This is why a data-driven approach is so important, allowing teams to understand what’s performing well, with whom, and through which channels. In this webinar, you’ll hear about how leading financial institutions approach personalization and using data to their advantage, with tactical examples of effective use cases for different touchpoints in the customer lifecycle.

What You’ll Learn in This Talk:

  • An overview of the current consumer expectations around personalization
  • How to align personalization to customer growth and retention strategies
  • Tactical use cases for acquiring customers, increasing engagement, and promoting product and service usage
Nathan Richter, VP of Program Strategy & Insights, Dynamic Yield

Nathan Richter, VP of Program Strategy & Insights, Dynamic Yield

Meet our Speakers:

Working in the digital commerce and personalization space for two+ decades, Nathan has led teams and innovation at URBN, QVC, and David’s Bridal – as well as managed multiple strategic consulting practices at SaaS tech.


Jessica Dearolf, Director, Enterprise Sales, Dynamic Yield

Jessica is the Director of Financial Industry Sales with almost a decade of dedicated expertise in the world of personalization, focusing on the dynamic landscape of the financial services industry. Jessica’s strategic insights on blending data-driven strategies with innovative Dynamic Yield technology have delivered impactful results for clients across industries including finance, retail, grocery, and more.

Tim Whitecotton, Vice President, Mastercard

Tim is the Vice President of Digital & Personalization Optimization for Mastercard’s Data & Services team. He analyzes and addresses the challenges faced by FIs in maintaining their competitive position in the market, specifically focusing on the digital customer experience. His ultimate goal is to assist Mastercard’s partners in delivering convenience, value, and trust to their customers.